Life at LLA

Every Frame A Story

Workshop on Visual Storytelling by Subhash Tendle

LLA Campus turns into a Film Set

Behind the scenes from the Hi Nanna film shoot.

Batch 23 Cooks Up a Storm!

The day students took over the LLA kitchen.

Onam 2023 - Celebrations on Campus

Batch 23 celebrated their first festival together on campus- Onam.

Batch 23 First Day

LLA welcomes a new batch of aspiring image makers.

Advanced Camera Techniques

An overview of the session on Large Format Film Cameras and Tilt Shift Lenses.

Campus and Cosmos

A slumber party on LLA campus - under a blanket of stars.

A Musical Diwali

Diwali at LLA - Cool music, warm diyas and hot vadas!

Studio Portraiture

An overview of Batch 21’s Studio Portraiture module.

Frames Unlimited

How many new and unique frames can you find on campus?

Admissions 2022 - Interviews on campus

Admissions are in progress for Batch 2022-23.

LLA Turns 21

LLA celebrated 21 years on Mar 21, 2022.

Humans of the Hills

Best Images from Light & Lightning Module.

An Alphabet of Images

Photography met language in a fun game for Batch 21.

Month One: A Recap

A selection of images from the first month of Batch 21.

Joy of Seeing with Iqbal Mohamed

Batch 21 went on a photowalk with a twist - no cameras.

Emotional Wellness and Mental Health

Photography, like almost any other art form, exercises both the body and mind.

Batch 21 : First Day

Batch-21 got a glimpse of all things LLA on their first day on campus.

Large Format Camera and Tilt-Shift Lenses

The large format camera is truly an unmatched piece of photographic equipment.

Fashion Photography Specialisation

Fashion Specialisation conducted by Aneev Rao.

Working with High-End Lights

Students of batch 20 got a chance to play (and of course work) with High end Lights.

World Photography Day 2021- A Visual Tribute to the COVID Warriors

This World Photography Day, LLA wanted to pay a visual tribute to our COVID Warriors.

Batch 20 Back in Studio!

The studio sessions are underway at LLA and the campus is buzzing with excitement.

Food and Beverage Photography

Food & Beverage Photography Specialisation conducted by Mihir Hardikar and Swati Desai.

Aerial Photography Workshop

Watch all the action from the Aerial Photography Workshop with Batch 20.

Batch 20 Gets Cooking

Watch students of Batch 20 take over the LLA kitchen!

Architecture and Interior Photography Specialization with Iqbal

Students share their learnings and experiences from the Architecture Specialization by Iqbal Sir.

Graduation Day & 20th Anniversary Celebration: 21st of March

The 21st of March is always a special day at LLA! This year it was doubly special.

Pre-Graduation Celebration: 20th of March

The graduating batches (18 & 19) came together as students for one last time.

Batch 20 Unwinds

Students of Batch 20 get their “act” together with a game of cruel charades.

How do you see light?

Students share their thoughts after completing the Light and Lighting module.

Group Research Project: Batch 20

As artists, when we have a deeper understanding of ideas that govern the world

Best of Images : Edition 1

Here's a look at the best images by the students of batch-20 from their Intro to 35mm session.

Captioning for Photographers

Every picture has a story to tell… So what’s the story here? - A workshop by Pankaja Srinivasan

Karthigai Deepam Celebrations 2020

7 groups, 7 spaces, 700 radiant lamps, a day dedicated to celebrating light! The first of the festivals with Batch 20 at LLA, Karthigai Deepam, was spectacular!

Pongal O Pongal! - Festivities at LLA

Festivals and celebrations at LLA are always special. With all the joy, laughter and community, every occasion becomes something to remember!

Celebrating the Art of Origami

This World Origami Day (11 November, 2019) was a special one, here at LLA - Swati Prabhakaran

Halloween @ LLA!

From the decorations of bats, spiders, pumpkins and ghosts to the highlight, our very own in- house prosthetic make up artist, Creya Sathi (Batch 2019-20)

Drum Circle at LLA – When beating one’s own drum in sync with the others, was so much fun!

What do you get when you put 60 people (students & staff at LLA).

Oct 01, 2019: ’International Day of Older Persons’

‘Service before self’, can be so fulfiling & enriching!

Our students their stories - Abhishek Kundu

Mr.Desikan’s class was interesting in terms of how photojournalism had an impact on the society since the camera was invented.

Creative Assignment

Every year with each batch is such a rejuvenating feeling! This batch for me is very vibrant.

Color Workshop

Right from the History of Art and Colour even as it transitioned to Photography, and the relationship between colour and emotion.

How We Celebrated World Photography Day

August 19, 2019 was perhaps one of the more special World Photography Days for LLA, yet.

Independence Day Celebration 2019

At Light & Life Academy, we pride ourselves in the ethnic and geographical diversity that our students hail from.

ABC Assignment in Photography

Another enthusiastic bunch of students were at the LLA Campus seeking admission as our 2nd set of interviews took place.

First Day at LLA (Batch 2019-20)

Batch 19-20’s first day at LLA was a blast! We look forward to everything that is in store for them and to all that this talented bunch have to offer over this coming year!

Fashion Specialization at LLA

Ah, nothing like a good ol’ Fashion Specialization! Much like the one we just wrapped up here at LLA with the ever fascinating Aneev Rao!

Architecture Specialization at LLA

Architecture Specialization was a blast! Four days of giving students a unique insight into the world of Architectural Photography led by the man himself, Iqbal Mohamed!

Food Specialization Sessions at LLA

Food Specialization by Mihir Hardikar and Swati Desai . They shared some valuable insights into everything related to food, photography and styling.

The LLA "Rhapsody"

Mr. Anil Srinivasan, along with his colleagues from Rhapsody, a flourishing ‘Education through Music’ program, popped in for a visit last week at LLA.

LLA runs the whole distance for the Ootyultra Marathon - 2019

When Race Director and Ultramarathon runner, Kannan Sundararajan a.k.a Coach Kay approached LLA.

Graduation day – Speech by Mr. D. Shivakumar

Light & Life Academy Graduation day Speech by Mr. D. Shivakumar, Aditya Birla Group.

21st March Annual day and Graduation day at LLA!

Light and Life has taught me more than just photography.

LLA’s first Fashion Show by the Akkas and Annas

This was one show that caught everyone by surprise. Infact you could call it a show-stopper.

Photojournalism Session with Gurinder Osan

Gurinder Osan, familiarized the batch with the current trends in photojournalism.

Students of LLA making sure people ‘Vote 100%’

110 AC Sweep Strategy – Election Awareness Campaign.

Ultra Violet Photography

UV Photography is done using fluorescent paint and ultra violet. Whatever the subject the ultra violet photography makes it look unreal.

Sukil’s Session on Outdoor Product Photography

The one thing that stood out to me about Sukil sir is that while critiquing an image, he only adds improvements.

Multimedia Session

The Multimedia session was taken by R. Narayan Kumar, an alumni of FTII with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Moonlight Photography

The session on Moonlight Photography was taken by Sukil. To most, moonlight photography was completely new and all the students really enjoyed the session.

Admissions at LLA, Interviews on Feb 14, 2019

Another enthusiastic bunch of students were at the LLA Campus seeking admission as our 2nd set of interviews took place.

Festivities in Nilgiris

Field Trip to Nundhala, a neighboring village where students got the first-hand experience of the rich culture of the local tribe.

Admissions have begun, for the 2019 – 2020 Batch!

After a relatively quiet 2 months, Light & Life Academy was filled with the familiar hustle and bustle of the new students.

Pongal Celebrations

Shailja Bhatnagarat - Exhibiting her work at India Art Festival.

Studio session begins at LLA

The studio sessions started with the students learning about the various lights, light modifying accessories and grip equipment.

Class on Portable Flash

Extremely popular with students over the years, Sudhanva Atri, was at LLA this year too, to take a session on portable flash.

Pinhole Photography Session

Pinhole Photography! A session that brings out the artist in you! A technique that gives a painterly effect to the images.

Photo Journalism Course Kicks off, at LLA

The students of photojournalism had their first hands-on session with Mr. Desikan Krishnan a photojournalist.

Photography to Gastronomy - At a Click!

An interesting day at LLA, when ‘rolls’were reversed - Students of Batch 18 donned the Chefs hats and took over the kitchen.

A Dusshera to be remembered

Students and Staff ushered in the day on an auspicious note with a colourful puja at the Admin Block at Light & Life Academy.

Shailja Bhatnagar Exhibits her Pictures at India Art Festival

Shailja Bhatnagar a talented photographer, had a keen interest in Fine Arts right from her school days.

All Work and no Play? Just not possible at LLA!!!

Amidst the hectic classes, assignments and critique sessions we still found time for some interesting.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2018

The preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi started a day before the actual festival day.

Wax Crayon Printing Workshop

Students of Batch’ 18 working together on a creative endeavor with a good cause in mind. “Idle hands are the devils playthings.”

Color Of Light – Off Campus Session

Mr. Iqbal Mohamed takes his class outdoors. A practical session on color and its myriad hues. This was a day every one of us was waiting for, a session with Iqbal Sir himself.

Diwali: A celebration of Light, Life and all things Sweet!

It was a Diwali with a welcome twist this time at LLA. In our 18th year of operations, we have in the current batch 18, students from 18 States.

Photowalk Through Villages

The main purpose of the Photowalk was to expand the students horizons, to help them see the world from perspectives differing from their own.

First Day

18 States, 37 Cities and 59 Students from all over the country. Every year the LLA family grows culturally richer and more diverse.

It's not farewell!

As the academic year drew to a close on 14th of June, 2018 for the students of Light & Life Academy, Batch 17, nostalgia was a close companion.

Camping at LLA

The students of Batch 17 have brought about a new trend at LLA, camping out in college.

Wildlife Photography Class

In LLA this year’s Wildlife Photography session was conducted by Mr. Alphonse Roy, an internationally acclaimed wildlife cinematographer.

Fashion Photography Specialization

Fashion Specialization with Aneev Rao. Three days of varied concept shooting with our model, Archana Nair.

Automobile Photography Workshop

Batch 17 couldn’t contain their excitement in the days that lead to the automobile workshop conducted by Mr. Iqbal Mohamed.

Food & Beverage Photography Specialization

The campus was enveloped in the aromas of various flavors from all across India during the Food Photography specialization class.

Architecture & Interior Photography Specialization

Mr. Iqbal Mohamed conducted the much anticipated Architecture & Interior specialization for Batch 17.

Trans-creativity workshop

LLA conducted a Trans-Creativity Workshop for the students of Batch 17.

Pinhole Photography

To get a good grounding on any subject of interest, one must start from its inception.

Location Portraiture and Product class by Shantonobho Das

We actively encourage our students to engage with other skills they have in different art forms.

Graduation Day 2018

The 21st of March is a day of tremendous significance to the LLA family as we came together from every nook and corner of India.

Republic Day

Students of the Light & Life Academy saluted the colours of our Republic. Drawn from every corner of our great and diverse country.

Pongal in Grand Style

Continuing a long standing tradition, the students and staff of LLA celebrated the harvest festival - Pongal in grand style.

Visitors to Campus

It always gives us immense pleasure when our alumni decide to visit and spend the day at Light & Life Academy.

Dussera on campus

Vijayadasami/Dussera was a spectacular day on campus. It started on a traditional note as the students and staff gathered

Drone Photography

LLA conducted a session on Drone photography for Batch 17 and it opened up a whole new world to them.

Mr. Desikan Krishnan has been a photographer for over 40 years

It is a nice experience coming back every year and sharing my knowledge with new students.

Colour Workshop

Knowing the basic colours was always taught to us since kinder garden.

Shantonobho Das, Faculty, Light & Life Academy

It is a nice experience coming back every year and sharing my knowledge with new students.

Workshop on Colour by Dr. Margaret Thomas & Dr Swapna Sathish

Dr. Margaret Thomas & Dr Swapna Sathish from Stella Maris College, Chennai conduction workshop on Color.

My Favourite Spot

The LLA Campus sprawls over 4 and a half acres of land atop a hill, overlooking one of the largest valleys in the world.

Ganesh Festival in Campus

The students of Batch 17 brought a Ganesha idol to college offering the god all of his favourite snacks and savouries.

World Photography Day

Alfred Eisenstaedt once said “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

Workshop by Prof. Subhash Tendle

Having over 35 years of hands-on experience in creating advertising and brand communication, Dr Subash Tendle.

Onam celebrations

Dressed to impress, the LLA family adorned the all-white special ethnic wear for Onam! The students made this year’s Onam celebration a smashing success.

Independence Day

Independence Day at Light & Life Academy is all about celebrating the freedom that we as photographers have in capturing all that is beautiful.

1st day at LLA 2017

After a relatively quiet 2 months, Light & Life Academy was filled with the familiar hustle and bustle of the new students .

Aiswarya Murali - LLA alumni received an Award

Aiswarya Murali – LLA alumni, Batch 13 received an Eastern Bhoomika Award.

Splash Photography Demo by Faculty Sukil Tarnas

The demo was a comprehensive introduction to the techniques of splash photography.

Prospective Students 2017

Seats for the academic year 2017-18 are filling up quickly! We at LLA have been interacting with an interesting batch of students from varied backgrounds.

Travel Assignment

Travel Photography was both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. This was the first time that I travelled to a destination with the sole purpose of photography.

Research Project

This year’s group Project undertaken by the current batch students was focused around native games that have perished or are on the verge of perishing.

The Poetess Malliga

On a regular day at LLA, something interesting was brewing amongst the Akkas on campus. They made an amazing discovery of a poet amongst them.

Holi on Campus

Current batch students, staff and our doggy light enjoyed getting their faces painted with brilliant colours playing holi on the LLA premises.

Annual Day Celebrations

Another successful year goes by at Light & Life. The staff and students of the current batch celebrated the big day with fun and games and obviously song and dance.

Light Turns 2

Everyone’s favourite, a well-established celebrity, Light- turned two this year.

Location Portraiture

The Location portraiture class for the current batch was taken by faculty GarimaChoudary at our lush campus.

Prospective Students

Prospective Students at the campus during their interview! Seats for the academic year 2016-17 are filling up quickly!


The Food Specialization demo was taken by faculty Mihir Hardikar with Swathi as the Stylist. It was done in and around the Light & Life campus.

Fine Art

The Fine Art class was taken by Iqbal Mohamed at the Light & Life Academy campus.


The Fashion Specialization was conducted by faculty Aneev Rao who has been featured in prominent magazines.


The Automobile class was taken by Iqbal Mohamed on campus. He is known from his masterclass automobile pictures had a great time taking the class.


The Architecture demo was taken by Iqbal Mohamed at a homestay in Lovedale, Ooty. The students got a hands-on experience about artificial and natural lighting.

Social Work Programme

Light & Life Outreach, in collaboration with Government Higher senior secondary school, Thuneri launched a social work programme on 9th of October, 2015.

Underwater Programme Training

Underwater photography took off with the pool training session at Hotel Gempark, Ooty. The session was conducted by instructors from Infinity Scuba.


At the end of the Session on Introduction to 35 mm Professional Photography , our students set out on a Photo walk.

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