Life at LLA

Studio Portraiture

It was time to take the level of photography up a notch as students applied the portrait lighting techniques they had learnt to create studio portraits.

Here’s what a student had to say about the experience.

“I had never stepped into a studio before I joined LLA, so this whole studio module has been a huge learning experience for me – how to place a subject, how a portrait can be made interesting, how to choose the lens and how that affects the image, posing a person, how to cut light, controlling the light on the subject and background.”
– Yeshwanth

“In our first few assignments in the studio we learnt how to control highlights and shadows on a subject and we then progressed to the basics of portrait lighting with a black background. In the final Studio portraiture assignment, we could use any background of our choice, props and upto four lights. Since our fundamentals in lighting were strong, we were confident about that. The challenge was to effectively portray the character of the person. We had to get the pose, environment and lighting right according to the desired mood.

I also learnt to deal with various types of personalities as we had different team mates in every assignment.”

Here are some pictures from this assignment.


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