Photography Contest

Shoot From Home with LLA

Organized for Lockdown Period – May 2020


Shoot From Home with LLA is an initiative to make the most of our time on lockdown at home. Pre- Covid times had kept us busy with work and very little time to spend at home. So with the onset of this pandemic and all the mayhem that came with it, a lot of us found ourselves at home looking for something productive to do. SFHw LLA, thus,  became an opportunity to use all this time to discover the photographic potential of subjects at home that we may otherwise have missed or even ignored!



Ode to Water – Photography Day 2019 Contest

Organized for World Photography Day, August 19th, 2019


“An Ode to Water”, the Photography Contest and Exhibition, was a part of Iqbal Mohamed’s, “Shoot for a Cause” movement, presented by Light & Life. An initiative to harness the power of photography for positive social impact.


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