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Kunal Kampani Photography

The Light & Life Story

Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha, founded Light and Life Academy on the day of the equinox. Naturally, it is equal measure teaching and learning. It is the exact balance of a school and a home. It is a synergy of well-structured curriculum and free-willed study. It encourages classroom and corridor learning; theory and practical, just the same.

At Light & Life Academy, the belief is that images are created by what you observe and by what you intuit. The Academy's every endeavour, therefore, is to go beyond a thorough understanding of the art & science of photography, towards awakening and nurturing each individual's unique vision and inner vision as is symbolised in the logo.

Light & Life Academy is a not-for-profit education trust, set up in Ooty, India, with the initial support of Kodak India & Eastman Kodak, USA in the year 2001.

Professional Photography Courses

PG Diploma in Professional Photography

PG Diploma in Professional Photography course is designed to lay the foundations in sound technique and give wings of imagination to fly. The curriculum is thoughtful and comprehensive.

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Professional Photojournalism

The function of Photojournalism is to hold a mirror up to society so that society can look at itself. Therefore, the challenge for the photojournalist is to keep pace with the times by mirroring the times and in their reflection of the world, create an impact that influences the world.

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Travel & Nature Photography

Travel Photography is about capturing the essence of a place and its people. While Nature Photography is about capturing the mood of a natural scene, from landscapes and seascapes to close-ups.

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Life @ Light & Life

The academy encourages students to pursuing their other creative inters creative endeavors. Here’s Tone Deaf LLA’s Batch 17 Music Band where our students - Vivek Mohan (Lead Singer), Chander Sundarrajan (Guitarist), Shawn Stephen (Guitarist), Malini Anil Kumar (Cajón) come together with the rest of the students during any festivities or just on any regular day to fill the campus with music and song.
The terrace area is one of the most popular hangout spaces on campus mostly because of the brilliant view it offers but at times it is the one spot where all the craziness seems to come alive. Here is a fun moment captured perfectly, in the frame we see Vaka Gireesh Sai trying to capture Anandram from an interesting top angle during one of their visits to the academy.
Lying on the terrace floor during Mr.Subhash Tendle’s session, students are seen here sparking up their creative side by trying to make a Star with their fingers in unison.
Shot by Shriram.B in a very playful angle, this is a Behind the Scenes shot of a BTS in progress. Students here are seen working hard at capturing reflections.
These two little very mad kittens on campus are ‘Snooty and Cutter’, who are mostly seen driving everyone on campus crazy however the most hilarious moments are when they drive our doggy ‘light’ raving bonkers.


News & Events

The 21st of March is a day of tremendous significance to the LLA family as we came together from every nook and corner of India to cherish and celebrate the 17th birthday of Light & Life Academy.

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Capturing the Skies, all-Woman flight lands in City. 2,000 women let their hair down, enjoy fun at Ooty garden.

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Republic Day

Students of the Light & Life Academy saluted the colours of our Republic. Drawn from every corner of our great and diverse country, these budding professional photographers are ...

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Continuing a long standing tradition, the students and staff of LLA celebrated the harvest festival - Pongal in grand style.

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Dussera on campus

Vijayadasami/Dussera was a spectacular day on campus. It started on a traditional note as the students and staff gathered

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Colour Workshop

Knowing the basic colours was always taught to us since kinder garden.

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My Favourite Spot

The LLA Campus sprawls over 4 and a half acres of land atop a hill, overlooking one of the largest valleys in the world. Every year we’ve found that the students absolutely love coming to the LLA Campus.

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