Light & Life Academy

A Modern Day Gurukul

We believe that a crucial aspect of learning is a nurturing environment. Every aspect of the institute - location, architecture and people - has been thoughtfully put together for an immersive and inspirational learning experience. This is supported with a meticulously structured & constantly evolving curriculum and a well crafted pedagogy that works with individual learning curves.

Over 2 decades since its inception as India’s Premier Professional Photography Institute, LLA launches a first of its kind programme to meet the needs of the fast changing communication landscape. The objective – to create a more versatile visual communicator encompassing 4 areas: Professional Photography. Digital Filmmaking. Self-Expression. Social Impact.



First-of-its-kind, designed based on current industry requirements. The objective is to equip students with necessary knowledge to explore a wider range of options in their career as a professional photographer/digital filmmaker, a fine-artist and a socially conscious visual communicator.


For the first time, Light & Life Academy will be offering comprehensive workshops in specialized areas of interest. These workshops are meant for those interested in exploring newer dimensions of their passion.

Life at LLA

LLA is truly a Gurukul. So even as the students learn about Light they also learn about Life through a host of activities that enrich their time here.

A slumber party on LLA campus - under a blanket of stars.

Diwali at LLA - Cool music, warm diyas and hot vadas!

An overview of Batch 21’s Studio Portraiture module.



Light and Life Academy is perched on a mountaintop about 7000 ft. above sea level near Ooty,Tamil Nadu, India, with a spectacular view of the Ketti valley. A pollution free, serene setting. The campus is an inspiring 60,000 sq ft theater with up to three seasons visiting it everyday. The quality of light is perfect for students for the visually inclined students. Custom-designed by one of India’s most celebrated architects, Mr. Jaisim, any part of the campus is a window to the continuously unfolding drama of the sights and sounds of nature.

Alumni Gallery

Over 700+ photographers of Light & Life Academy have helped raise the bar in Professional Photography. They are from different places – big cities to the little towns spread across the length and breadth of this country. They are from various fields such as IT, marketing, architecture, law, finance, and management. But wherever they may be coming from, they’re going to one place: to create memorable visual content.