Light & Life Academy

A Modern Day Gurukul

Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha founded Light and Life Academy on 21 March, the day of the equinox. To forever serve as a reminder that LLA will always be a Gurukul and will balance the learning of light and life. Maintaining a synergy between a well-structured curriculum and free-willed study. It encourages classroom and corridor learning; just the same. In a place that is both a school and a home.  

At Light & Life Academy, the belief is that every image created is a combination of vision and inner vision. This is symbolized in the logo. The Academy's every endeavor, therefore, is to go beyond the teaching of the art & science of photography, towards awakening and nurturing each individual's unique vision and inner vision.

Light and Life Academy is truly a modern-day Gurukul.

Light & Life Academy is a not-for-profit education trust, set up in Ooty, India, with the initial support of Kodak India & Eastman Kodak, USA in the year 2001.

Professional Photography Courses

This course is designed for the aspiring Professional photographer. The course offers a very good understanding of the techniques of Photography and nurtures individual creative expression.

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PG Diploma in Professional Photography Course: Admissions In Progress

Travel Photography captures the essence of a place and its people. Nature Photography captures the mood of a natural scene, from landscapes and seascapes to wildlife and macros. This course offers a very good grounding of what is required to become a Travel and Nature Photographer.

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Diploma in Travel & Nature Photography Coures : Admissions In Progress

For hobby photographers and serious ameteurs, LLA Online offers the "Get Ceative with Photography " program. A first of its kind, in 9 Indian languages and English, ensuring that the fundamentals of photography are learnt in concrete manner, while also allowing you to explore your creative side!

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LLA Big Studio

Light and Life Academy is perched on a mountaintop about 7000 ft. above sea level near Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India, with a spectacular view of the Ketti valley, arguably the second largest inhabited valley in the world. It's a calm, peaceful 60,000 sq ft theater in the lap of Mother Nature with up to three seasons visiting it every day. Know more….


Life @ LLA

Festivals and celebrations at LLA are always special. With all the joy, laughter and community, every occasion becomes something to remember! Our first festival of 2020, Pongal, was certainly no exception!

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This World Origami Day (11 November, 2019) was a special one, here at LLA! Swati Prabhakaran (Batch 16- 17) took us through a fascinating session on Origami where we were also taught how to make Origami Birds, Leaves and Flowers!

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From the decorations of bats, spiders, pumpkins and ghosts to the highlight, our very own in- house prosthetic make up artist, Creya Sathi (Batch 2019-20)

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‘Service before self’, can be so fulfiling & enriching! Sixty elderly inmates of the Pope Paul Mercy Home, Nanjanad, Ooty, were at the LLA Campus on October 01, (declared as ‘International day of Older Persons’ by the United Nations).

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Good Photography means drawing inspiration from everything around us.

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Every year with each batch is such a rejuvenating feeling! This batch for me is very vibrant and each student's approach towards their visual is very unique

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Color Workshop

The students were introduced to the fascinating world of Colour in a workshop led by Dr. Margaret Thomas and Dr. Swapna Sathish, faculties at Stella Maris, Chennai.

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