Light & Life Academy

A Modern Day Gurukul

Light and Life Academy is India’s first and only custom designed Professional Photography Institute, founded by one of India’s leading Photographers- Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha Iqbal, on March 21st 2001.

Every aspect of the environment - location, facilities, architecture - is tailor made for photography education.
Set in the midst of the Nilgiri mountains, students get to completely immerse themselves in the pursuit of learning photography with like-minded individuals from various backgrounds. The light is magical, ideal for the study of photography.
A thoughtfully structured and constantly evolving curriculum is supported by experienced professionals, available at any time to mentor the students.

700+ students have been a part of LLA, many of whom have gone on to raise the bar in various fields of Professional Photography.

Professional Photography Courses

The flagship course of LLA that equips students with the necessary skills to make a career in professional photography - Architecture, Automobile, Fashion, Fine Art, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Portraiture, Product, Travel, Nature, Underwater Fashion, Wildlife.

This course is designed for those who intend to make a career in streams such as Travel, Nature, Wildlife, Documentary, and Event Photography. They will also have the opportunity to explore Fine art and Aerial photography.



Light and Life Academy is perched on a mountaintop about 7000 ft. above sea level near Ooty,Tamil Nadu, India, with a spectacular view of the Ketti valley. The campus is an inspiring 60,000 sq ft theater with up to three seasons visiting it everyday. The quality of light is perfect for students of photography. Custom-designed by one of India’s most celebrated architects, Mr. Jaisim, any part of the campus is a window to the continuously unfolding drama of the sights and sounds of nature.


Alumni Gallery

Over 700+ photographers of Light & Life Academy have helped raise the bar in Professional Photography. They’ve been from everywhere – the big cities to the little towns spread across the length and breadth of this country. They’re from various fields such as IT, marketing, architecture, law, finance, and management. But wherever they may be coming from, they’re going to one place: to create memorable images.

Life at LLA

LLA is truly a Gurukul. So even as the students learn about Light they also learn about Life through a host of activities that enrich their time here.

The large format camera is truly an unmatched piece of photographic equipment.

Fashion Specialisation conducted by Aneev Rao.

Students of batch 20 got a chance to play (and of course work) with High end Lights.