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Everyday Icons – Women Through The Lens

In a world that often rushes past the quiet moments…

In Motion’s Embrace

A Journey into Sports Photography…

Photography as Therapy

Explore the therapeutic benefits of photography…

Photography and Environmental Conservation

In an age where visual communication…

The Power of Colour in Photography

The Psychology of colours and how they can influence…

Crafting Visual Storytellers

How Light & Life Academy Prepares Graduates for Photography Careers

A Life of its Own

Travel Story about Ooty’s Municipal Market by Shruthi Vaisha.

Hetthai Amman – An Outsider’s Perspective

Here’s the story of Hetthai Amman, documented by students of Batch 22.

7 Images A Story

A selection of photo stories in black and white done by LLA Batch-22 students.

Interview with Vikram Hingmire

LLA Alumnus and Architecture & Interior Photographer, Vikram, talks about his photography journey.

Interview with Jyothy Karat

LLA Alumnus and Photojournalist, Jyothy talks about her journey as a photographer.

The Fine Print: Part 1

200 years ago, Louis Daguerre invented the first photography process known to mankind.

Is the pen mightier than the picture?

Is the Pen mightier than the Picture?” Wherein lies the power of words in the context of visuals?

Photographer Study #3 | Edward Weston and the Universality of Basic Forms

In this edition of Photographer Study, we look at Edward Weston, one of the most path-breaking photographers of the 20th century.

How to edit photos like a pro without burning a hole in your pocket

Is there a more affordable alternative to Photoshop worth trying? Here is your answer.

Photographer Study #2 | Timeless Tales by Sebastião Salgado

Here Is our Photographer Study #2, Sebastião Salgado

What drives a full time automobile photographer

In this edition of Alumni Connect, we talk to Sathish Kumar Raju, one of the leading automobile photographers in India.

Photographer Study #1: Unearthing Visual Treasures from the Life of Vivian Maier

Here is the first Photography Study of the series – Unearting Visual Treasures from the life of Vivian Maier

Iconic Sports Moments- Florence Griffith

“Dress good to look good. Look good to feel good. And feel good to run fast!”, – Florence Griffith- Joyner (Flo Jo), the world’s fastest woman.

What makes a wildlife photographer click : Pradeep Ravi

This story is about Pradeep Ravi, a Chennai-based wildlife photographer and LLA Batch 2012-13 alumnus.

Shrooms And A Fun Guy – Rahul Das

Rahul Das goes to shoot at a Mushroom Farm near Ooty and comes out with quite a few Life lessons learnt.

How Light and Life Academy happened in my Life – Mohan Sarangarajan, CEO

Life is a celebration here and Light is the medium. What results, is pure Magic!

The LLA Campus! An ode to Light, Life and Space

The way Mr. Jaisim put the campus together is a dream come true. I cannot thank him enough!

Photographing the Dawn of a New Day

No two sunrises are ever the same! This is what makes photographing them so unique.

Every Frame’s a Painting

A Workshop on Understanding Colour and Emotion in Photography

Ode to the Cosmos – Arjun Cheyyur

The magnificence of the night sky truly changes our perspective of Life itself. Now, more than ever, understanding the Cosmic Perspective is essential.

Trans – Gender: An exploration into the identity of a stigmatized community

This photoshoot was not just a statement but an aspiration. A hope that they be recognized for their identity, not stigmatized for it.

Speech by Mr. D. Shivakumar

Light & Life Academy – Graduation day – Speech by Mr. D. Shivakumar, Group Executive President – Aditya Birla Group.

Pre Graduation & Graduation

Graduation 2019: The 21st of March… A day when energy levels are at its peak!

Students of LLA making sure people ‘Vote 100%’

We began by exploring why people abstain from voting and figure out a way we can motivate them to vote.

UV Photography

Here are some of the images done by the students for this very exciting assignment while working on a fairytale/surreal story.

Glimpses from a Festival at Achanakkal (and trying to capture them!) By Shawn Stephen

Festivals in the Nilgiris signify times of joy, of belonging, of good food.

The Film Look: Reminiscing a Bygone Era By Chandrasekar S

You will not find a photographer today who will admit that film does not have a place in photography even if he/she chooses not to use it.

Coming to my senses By Thurrya V

I took a deep breath and closed my shutter taking note of every minute detail and engraving them in my pixels.

Let there be light – By Anuradha Iqbal

Light & Life Academy happened because I was looking for a purpose in life.

LLA is not just an experience it is an exploration – Jaisim

An adventure in space, time and vision learning with all the senses playing with the elements and nature witnessing with a smile.

Lights! Camera! Reboot!!

LLA has given me a new lease on life. I came to LLA for an interview and the rest, as they say, is history!

Underwater Photography Ajit

Some passions really drive a person crazy. I didn’t even realize how badly I was infected with the blue water bug.

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