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The Fine Print: Part 1

The First Visual and The First Print A.D.1827 Madam Daguerre approaches the famous French Chemist Dumas with

Is the pen mightier than the picture?

My daughter is thinking up activities for her students and tells me about this series that The

Photographer Study #3 | Edward Weston and the Universality of Basic Forms

Edward Weston was one of the most influential and pioneering figures in the field of photography in

How to edit photos like a pro without burning a hole in your pocket

To Ado-be or not to Ado-be? That’s the question most photographers have been asking themselves for many

Photographer Study #2 | Timeless Tales by Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado, born on a cattle farm in Aimorés, Brazil (1944), is one of the most celebrated

What drives a full time automobile photographer

LLA Alumni Connect At Light and Life Academy, we teach various specialised fields of photography. It's fascinating

Photographer Study #1: Unearthing Visual Treasures from the Life of Vivian Maier

Some time in the early 1950’s, and subsequently since, from the streets of New York and Chicago

Iconic Sports Moments- Florence Griffith

“Dress good to look good. Look good to feel good. And feel good to run fast!”, thus

What makes a wildlife photographer click : Pradeep Ravi

At Light and Life Academy, we teach various specialized fields of photography. It's fascinating to see how

Shrooms And A Fun Guy – Rahul Das

Walking through the monochromatic farms, I see the white fungi inviting me to spend the rest of

How Light and Life Academy happened in my Life – Mohan Sarangarajan, CEO

After close to thirty years of corporate life I moved to the Nilgiris in 2010. Around 2017,

The LLA Campus! An ode to Light, Life and Space

As a student of LLA and an architect by profession, every time I enter the space I

Photographing the Dawn of a New Day

Photographing Sunrises in the Nilgiris... A defined haze line cuts across the horizon, separating land from sky.

Every Frame’s a Painting

A Workshop on Understanding Colour and Emotion in Photography - Arka Prabha Das (Batch 2019-20) It was

Ode to the Cosmos – Arjun Cheyyur

My earliest memory of looking up at the night sky was when I was a little child

Trans – Gender: An exploration into the identity of a stigmatized community

To put these wonderful souls up as brides before a wedding. All decked up in ornaments and

Speech by Mr. D. Shivakumar

Light & Life Academy – Graduation day – Speech by Mr. D. Shivakumar, Group Executive President -

Pre Graduation & Graduation

The 21st  of March… A day when energy levels are at its peak! When a million activities

Students of LLA making sure people ‘Vote 100%’

110 AC Sweep Strategy – Election Awareness Campaign The objective of the Election Commission of India was

UV Photography

At light and life the students work on creating images using every kind of natural and artificial

Glimpses from a Festival at Achanakkal (and trying to capture them!) By Shawn Stephen

Festivals in the Nilgiris are a spectacle to behold. They signify times of joy, of belonging, of

The Film Look: Reminiscing a Bygone Era By Chandrasekar S

You will not find a photographer today who will admit that film does not have a place

Coming to my senses By Thurrya V

The hush of the trees as they sway to the rhythm of the wind and the dust

Let there be light – By Anuradha Iqbal

Light & Life Academy happened because I was looking for a purpose in life. In my wildest

LLA is not just an experience it is an exploration – Jaisim

LIGHT AND LIFE ACADEMY – OOTY (An adventure in space, time and vision learning with all the

Lights! Camera! Reboot!!

Photography has always been a passionate hobby of mine. I knew a bit about the subject. I

Underwater Photography Ajit

Some passions really drive a person crazy. I didn’t even realize how badly I was infected with