The LLA Campus! An ode to Light, Life and Space

As a student of LLA and an architect by profession, every time I enter the space I feel like I am home because of the welcoming landscape and the warmth of the spaces.

The campus is perched on a hill overlooking the Ketti valley, one of the largest inhabited valleys in Asia. So nearly every day, we are graced with sunlight dancing upon this landscape.

With terracotta walls to match the soil and green roofs to hug the setting of trees and grass in the background, the campus beautifully blends with nature to become a part of the landscape that surrounds it.

A walk through the campus puts on display a collage of the view, revealing at different points, different parts of the valley. Any part of the campus becomes a window to the continuous unfolding drama of the sights and sounds of nature. The curious mind is moved to explore these spaces from all these perspectives.

The terrace, the football ground and the day light studio presents us with a more wholesome view of the entire valley. Perfect locations for a lot of students to just sit down, relax and enjoy the scenery.

The campus itself becomes a stage for light to work its magic! The play of light and shadow in the day light studio and the corridor is just majestic.

The staircases, the Cafeteria and the terraces become spaces for interaction and informal learning between teachers and students. Spaces that are ideal for the exchange of ideas and discussions.

Now who better to put the design of this campus into context than Iqbal Mohamed! Here is what he said:

“I wanted a gurukul feel with spaces that are not too organized but more exploratory. All the facilities I wanted had to be within the campus but grouped on the basis of functionality. I wanted the spectacular views and the many aspects of light to be exploited to the hilt. So when a student walks in he/she feels totally at home and inspired.

The way Mr. Jaisim put the campus together is a dream come true. I cannot thank him enough!”

Written by:

–  Mansi Rokadiya (Batch 2019-20)

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