Photographing the Dawn of a New Day

Photographing Sunrises in the Nilgiris…

A defined haze line cuts across the horizon, separating land from sky. Mountain tops sit perched above, seemingly in a world of its own… waiting, for the sun to rise and grace its surface with the light of a brand new day.

Gently, the sun breaks the horizon and it rises, not stopping for a moment. The clouds up ahead light up in glorious, multicolored symphony. The birds begin to sing and layers of mountains in the distance unveil themselves.


Mist that settled in the valley overnight, begin to rise. Long streaks of shadows form upon them, consistently receding as the sun makes its way further up. The haze in the air is lit up by the sun and beams of light pouring down onto the forest floor. Waterbodies begin to reflect the sky, glowing at the surface. It’s the dawn of a new day, all in a matter of minutes.

What’s fascinating is that no two sunrises are ever the same! Every day is a new one and so are the sunrises. Which is what makes photographing them so unique.

And the beauty with the Nilgiris is, for a lot of these settings, that one does not have to walk too far to witness them and one does not have to try too hard to make it look, beautiful.

So the challenge then, as photographers, is to add new layers of interest and make the frame even more special!

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