The core faculty members at LLA are aligned with the philosophy of the founder, Iqbal Mohamed: share knowledge and the willingness to work with students who have varying learning curves. As practicing professionals, they help reinvent the syllabus to be relevant in terms of trends, techniques and aesthetics. From our pool of faculty members, those coming to teach the course may change from year to year based on availability.

Iqbal Mohamed - Director Academics

Iqbal Mohamed is the fulcrum of all things academic at LLA. He crafts every detail of the curriculum, re-inventing it every year, while mentoring the faculty and inspiring all who study at LLA.

As a founder and mentor at LLA, ‘Iqbal Sir’ as he’s known fondly by his students, has been a beacon for all things photography. His deep knowledge of the art and science of photography and an innate desire to share his knowledge serves as the bedrock of the institution. He believes that everyone is inherently creative and can nurture their inner vision in the right environment.

His interactions with the students are not just limited to the sessions conducted by him, he can be frequently seen outside his office, having discussions and conversations with students and faculty, sharing his experiences on photography, life and everything in between.

Digital Filmmaking Faculty

Digital Film Making is a team effort. Faculty to deliver learning in this field is therefore drawn from different areas, each focussing on one specific area. Direction, Scripting, Editing, Sound, Production.

A veteran from the industry, Narayan Kumar, who also has deep teaching experience and has mentored talent who have made a mark in the industry will be the team leader. He will bring all talent together to help create a cohesive piece of communication. Each area has a mix of veteran and proven young talent to take the student through the course.

Visiting Faculty

The visiting faculty are professionals from various fields, from advertising to music. They conduct short workshops and sessions on campus throughout the year.
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