General FAQ

Campus is open for visits throughout the academic year during working hours. Find out information on how to reach Light & Life Academy in the Contact Us page.

The Nilgiris are at roughly 2000m above sea level. During summer the temperature reaches a maximum of 25°C and a minimum of 10°C. During winter the maximum temperature is 20°C and the minimum 0°C . The district regularly receives rain during both the Southwest Monsoon and the Northeast Monsoon. The average annual rainfall of the district is 1,920.80 mm.

Learning at Light & Life Academy happens through lectures, slideshows, demos and practical assignments. A typical week consists of on-campus classroom lectures and demos with faculty, working on assignments around the Nilgiris and critique sessions on campus. The schedule varies from week to week depending on the module being covered. College provides transport and lunch on days the students are required to come to the campus. To know more about student life check out Life at LLA.
The courses in Light & Life Academy are taught in English.

Over the last 2 decades, students who have completed their photography education from Light & Life Academy, have gone on to have careers as freelance photographers, photo editors, cinematographers, creative directors and in other roles among allied fields.
Check out the Alumni Gallery to see their work.

Facilities and Faculty

On the days when students are required to be present on campus, the Academy will provide transportation to college and back to Ooty. Lunch and tea/coffee will also be provided on campus on these days.

Light & Life Academy has 14 studios equipped with strobe lights, light modifiers and grip equipment required to work on all assignments to be done on campus

To know more about the facilities, go to the Campus Page.

Students are allotted fully equipped studios with sufficient time to complete all studio related assignments.
At Light & Life Academy, every course is taught by qualified professional photographers, each one, a currently practising professional, active in the industry. To know more about the faculty, go to the Faculty Page.
Prospective students can contact administration at +91 7598287370 or write to us at administration@llacademy.org . Based on availability of faculty/alumni, a meeting/call can be scheduled.
Light & Life Academy has designed the courses for freelance professionals. As such, LLA does not offer placements. However, students are offered career counselling opportunities with faculty and alumni.


Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Photography - 1 year

Diploma in Documentary, Travel & Nature Photography - 7 months

The courses at LLA are designed for any passionate individual wanting to make a career in Professional Photography. The schedule is densely packed and assumes a very high level of interest and motivation amongst the students. To know more, go to the Courses Page.

Currently, both the courses offered by Light & Life Academy are full-time courses. These are designed for individuals looking to make a career as full time professional photographers. Students are required to live in Ooty for the whole duration of the course.

For those interested in improving their skills in photography as a serious amateur, Light & Life Academy has designed a 10 week online course, Get Creative with Photography, available in 10 languages.

The PGD in Professional Photography is a comprehensive course that will equip students with the necessary skills to make a career in professional photography - Fashion, Automobile, Architecture, Food, Nature, Wildlife and so on. It is a 12 month course with additional time for portfolio submission. To know more, go to PGD in Professional Photography.

The Diploma in Documentary, Travel and Nature Photography course is designed for those who want to pursue careers in Travel, Nature, Wildlife, Documentary, and Event Photography. In addition, Fine Art and Aerial photography. It is a 6 month course with additional time for portfolio submission. To know more, go to Diploma in Documentary, Travel and Nature Photography.

LLA courses are recognised by the Photography industry, but do not have recognition from any government body.

Course Details

Evaluation is done on a continuous basis, on assignments submitted and tests administered. The students are expected to clear every single assignment with a minimum score of 70%. 

Light & Life Academy believes that every student can make the grade, and the student is given enough opportunities and assistance from the faculty to achieve the minimum grade for every assignment.

Light & Life Academy expects a 100 percent attendance for all classes, demos, critique sessions and shoots in the studio. This is to ensure that the learning is thorough and every single concept that Light & Life has to teach is understood.

LLA is a gurukul, which means every concept taught has an assignment that has to be photographed and every assignment has to be cleared. Every student needs a hundred percent pass to graduate. The minimum grade is set at 70 %, to ensure that learning is of a high standard. The academy is committed to working with every individual student's learning curve to help them make the grade.


Once you have been selected and your admission is confirmed, you will be given an offer letter which will have the schedule of fees.

  • Personal equipment as specified by the Academy
  • Personal equipment maintenance / repairs / insurance / books / stationery
  • Personal expenses on accommodation, food and personal travel, etc.
  • Expenses for travel and stay at locations where assignment shots and portfolio shots are to be done
  • Expenses involved while working on specialisation projects, on models, stylist, make-up artist/hair stylist, food stylist and other professionals only based on the requirements of different areas of study, opted for
  • Cost of making archival prints, in case of exhibition on campus or at locations off-campus

Admission Requirements

The candidate can have a UG degree in ANY STREAM to be eligible for the courses at Light & Life Academy.
The courses at Light & Life Academy do not mandate any experience in photography. However, it assumes a basic knowledge of the operations of the camera. The curriculum starts from the basics of photography. To know more, go to the Courses Page .
Students at LLA are required to have their own DSLR/Mirrorless camera kit. The equipment list will be provided once a candidate is accepted into the course. If you have any queries call us at +91 7598287370 or write to us at admissions@llacademy.org.

Application Process

The following documents are needed during the application process: 

  • Profile Picture: Digital file of a recent passport size photograph against a plain background (Note: ‘Selfies’ not accepted)
  • Digital copies(PDF/Jpeg) of Educational certificates.
  • Reference letters (Optional): The candidate may upload any reference letters. 
  • Portfolio: 20 images made by the candidate.

A Portfolio with 20 images made by the candidate is needed during the application process. Candidates are expected to pick 20 images they consider to be the best they have captured.

Yes, there is an application fee of Rs.1000/- + GST.

Our admission takes place on a first come first served basis, hence there is no last date to apply. Once our seats are filled, our admissions will be closed, the same will be notified on our website.

Light & Life Academy will send the candidate an email with the future steps within 2 working days once the application is complete.
To request a change to the course you applied for, please email admissions@llacademy.org We will consider all change requests, though we may not always be able to approve them, depending on your application and admission status at the point that we receive your request.

Covid 19 FAQ

No part of the course will be conducted online. LLA strongly believes in the philosophy of a Modern Gurukul, and hence, the whole course will be done on campus, ensuring that the students get the best learning experience.

These requirements are constantly being updated. Please check the travel guidelines for the Nilgiris closer to the date of travel at https://nilgiriscovidcare.in/entering-nilgiris/.

For further information, contact LLA administration at +91 7598287370 or administration@llacademy.org

Faiyaz Hawawala

“The session about the visual art was so interesting especially connecting the compositions of paintings with photography. It gave a totally new perspective to observe art, whatever kind it is. How various artists with their crazy passion brought a change in art & played an important part in the evolution of art. I never expected I will learn something related to paintings or other visual art form in a photography college! And this session was really wonderful!”
– Faiyaz Hawawala, Alumnus

Tanjul Sarkar, Alumnus

“At LLA, it’s not just photography but yes there are extracurricular activities that are helping us inculcate a lot of knowledge. These activities are fun to perform with fellow photographers in the making. We got to know the different beautiful songs from other languages and the dance forms. Day by day, everything here is letting me open up my arms to something new each time I participate. Life is a bliss with a lot of learning at LLA.”
– Tanjul Sarkar, Alumnus