Light & Life Campus
Know more about our campus and what it is like to be a part of the LLA family.

For me, Light and Life is home, and it always feels good to get back to home. I always have a great time talking with Iqbal Sir, listening to his array of stories and enjoying his brilliant sense of humour. Anu ma’am always welcomes you with open arms and a huge smile on her face. It’s a true feeling of belonging. I believe every student who goes out of LLA becomes an artist. Thank you LLA for bringing artists to this world.
– Nachiket Pimprikar, Batch 12

LLA is where I was born as a photographer. A place, where Iqbal sir has inspired me and countless other students with his energy and vision. It is always a pleasure to come back and meet him, Anuradha ma’am and the staff here in LLA. In the past 10 years, I’ve travelled and seen places and met people I ordinarily wouldn’t have and I am grateful to this place for the experiences that I’ve had. P.S. It is just wonderful, how amazing the campus now is. Would love to come back often!
-Anushree Bhatter, Batch 6

Apologies, we have no placement programmes at LLA.
A DSLR camera is a must for the programme. Other equipment will be notified to you once you are accepted into our programme.
We do not have any loan facility. However the same can be obtained from Banks depending on the credibility of the individual.
We are located in a place called Lovedale, about 12kms from Ooty, Tamilnadu.
  • Reception Area
  • 2 Classrooms
  • 14 Studios
  • Daylight Studio
  • Large Production Studio
  • Green Room
  • Prop Room
  • Equipment Room
  • Library
  • Student Hangout Space
  • Cafeteria
  • Faculty Rooms
  • Administration Office
  • Operations Office
  • Academic Affairs Office
  • Indoor Games Area
  • Football Field
  • Kitchen
  • Indoor Auditorium

Applicants should be more than 20years of age. Should have completed a basic graduation in any stream. Must be familiar with the use of a DSLR camera.
Our admission takes place on a first come first serve basis, hence there is no last date to apply. Once our seats are filled, our admissions will be closed, the same will be notified on our website.
LLA assists students in finding accommodation. We do not have hostel facility.
Once you have completed either of our professional courses, you will be fully equipped to pursue a career in professional photography in a field of your choice. The career opportunities ahead of you will be vast. All our alumni are professional photographers in different fields of photography, from Underwater to aerial!
Yes you can easily get in touch with our alumni through our facebook and Instagram pages.
The option of Scholarships is not available.
All the courses in LLA are based on Digital photography. We do not have any courses that deal with film photography.
Photojournalism is a 6 month course.

The courses available at Light & Life Academy are:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Photography Programme
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Photo Journalism
  • Travel & Nature Photography
Yes, you need to possess a digital camera
Since our programme is a practical programme, expenses include accommodation, food during shooting and on off-campus days, travel costs if any.
All studio equipment and lighting equipment are available on campus for use on campus.
All the staff who teach are visiting photography professionals who take time out from their professional lives to teach the students.
The average size of the class is a maximum of 50 students.
The degree we offer is a Post-Graduate Diploma.
Graduation for the Post- graduate diploma in professional photography programme depends on the portfolio that is submitted after the end of the course.
It is all digital photography. We do not have film photography.