At Light & Life Academy, we believe that an image is created by a combination of vision and inner vision.
Fashion Photograph of Sonam Kapoor by LLA Alumni Amogh Thakur

At Light & Life Academy, we believe that an image is created by a combination of vision and inner vision.

Honing of vision is done with the help of a well-structured curriculum, which is flexible - evolving even as the course progresses. Students are taught the grammar of photography and are then left free to create a language of their own.

Developing an inner vision is given just as much importance as observing through the viewfinder. Even as students learn about light, they also learn about life through a host of activities that enrich their time here. This, added to their accumulated life experiences, inspires students to develop their own perspective; their individual way of looking at the world.

The flagship programme of Light & Life Academy is the PG Diploma Programme in Professional Photography. Light & Life Academy also offers a Diploma in Documentary, Travel & Nature Photography course.

The Academy also conducts workshops on specific areas of photography, designed on-request for special interest groups. Get in touch with your requests here.

The flagship course of LLA that equips students with the necessary skills to make a career in professional photography - Architecture, Automobile, Fashion, Fine Art, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Portraiture, Product, Travel, Nature, Underwater Fashion, Wildlife.

This course is designed for those who intend to make a career in streams such as Travel, Nature, Wildlife, Documentary, and Event Photography. In addition, Fine Art and Aerial photography.


Corporates, media houses, advertising agencies and special interest groups, each have a different connect with images. Light & Life Academy will design special courses, on request, where the participants will gain a better understanding of communication through visuals and harness it to enhance creative thinking.


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