At Light & Life Academy, why you click something is just as important as how you click it.

Photographs are created outside, but images are created within. Hence, developing an inner vision is given just as much importance as observing through the viewfinder. Keeping it simple is the motto that Light & Life Academy strongly advocates, leaving no room for clutter or distractions. The Academy encourages and inspires students to develop their own perspective; their individual way of looking at things. Here, learning doesn't chase a set formula. It pursues a curriculum, but in an organic and flexible form to evolve even as the course progresses. At Light & Life Academy, expressionists are taught the grammar of photography and are then left free to create a language of their own.

The flagship programme of Light & Life Academy is the PG Diploma in Professional Photography. Light & Life Academy also offers a Diploma in Professional Photojournalism, besides other short-duration workshops on specific areas of Photography, thoughtfully designed for the dedicated hobbyists spread across the course of the academic year.

The Academy also conducts workshops on specific areas of photography, designed on-request for special interest groups.


PG Diploma in Professional Photography is designed to lay the foundations in sound technique and give wings of imagination to fly. The curriculum is thoughtful and comprehensive.

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PG Diploma in Professional Photography

The function of Photojournalism is to hold a mirror up to society so that society can look at itself. Therefore, the challenge for the photojournalist is to keep pace with the times by mirroring the times and in their reflection of the world, create an impact that influences the world.

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Professional Photojournalism Course

Travel Photography is about capturing the essence of a place and its people. While Nature Photography is about capturing the mood of a natural scene, from landscapes and seascapes to close-ups.

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Professional Travel and Nature Photography

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