PG Diploma in Documentary & Corporate Filmmaking

Professional Architecture, Interior Photography Course India
Applications Close on 21st June
Duration: 3 months + Final Portfolio
Batch 1 Starts: August 2024
Batch 2 Starts: May 2025
  • Study under an industry-experienced faculty
  • Get mentored by Iqbal Mohamed
  • Access state-of-the-art facilities
  • Guidance with building a professional portfolio

Amidst the transformative shift in the communication landscape, there's a growing demand for skilled professionals adept in documentary filmmaking. From companies who would like to document their CSR activities to organisations working in areas of environmental and social impact, to corporations wanting to document various aspects of their functioning, are all interested in creating documentaries that are both content-rich and at the same time visually arresting.

In response, Light & Life Academy presents a course tailored to meet contemporary industry standards. Graduates of this program will master the art of crafting compelling documentaries, showcasing proficiency in producing impactful visual narratives tailored for diverse platforms and mediums.

Course Content

This course is meticulously structured and is designed to optimise time and resources with a faster turnaround. It is totally immersive. The schedule is densely packed. It is assumed that the student will be very passionate, highly motivated and totally committed to getting the best out of this course.

Professional Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography and Documentary Filmmaking Course

The course begins with an in-depth study of the fundamentals involved in creating an image.

Understanding the Camera: Technical Aspects, Creative Possibilities and Limitations

Aesthetics of Photography: A study of colour and composition and how it impacts an image

Natural Light: An in-depth study of natural light and its qualities. The many different ways in which light adds mood and dimension to an image

Filters: The use of filters & their applications in manipulating images captured by the camera

Artificial Continuous Light Sources: Exploring the technical and creative possibilities of using continuous light sources and accessories.

Documentary Photography: Exploring how to craft a narrative with a set of images.

Drone: Understanding the techniques of capturing subjects from an aerial point of view. (A workshop)

Every area of study will be covered through lectures, slideshows, and demos (Wherever required), followed by time-bound assignments with critique (Individual/Group) and grading.

Professional Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography and Documentary Filmmaking Course

Introduction to different formats of filmmaking - narrative, documentaries, short films. Introduction to the concept of Shots, Scenes, and Sequences.

Finding the Story
Identifying a Topic
Researching and creating a narrative for the film

Fundamentals of filmmaking (Direction - Camera - Edit - Sound)
Understanding and exploring the role of the Director (the team leader), the DOP, and the role of edit and sound.

The technical aspect of Filmmaking

Filming: Exploring Framing, Lenses, Lighting (natural and artificial), the language of shots and camera and movements.
Conducting Interviews: How to make the subject feel comfortable and get the desired content.
Editing: Working with video editing software.
Sound: Sound recording on camera and a recorder. Sound design.
Music: The importance of music in telling a story.
Title Design: Mood, style and overall title aesthetic.

Every area of study will be covered through lectures, demos, and in-class screenings. Every area of study has its time-bound assignments with critique.
Professional Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography and Documentary Filmmaking Course
  • Exploring the concept of visual narration & storytelling.
  • Pre-Production: Orientation, Scripting, recce, storyboarding and scheduling.
  • Production: Execution and shooting.
  • Post-Production: Editing, sound and final finishing (including tilting).

The students will work on a complete film of 10 minutes duration. This will be a group project, with each group working on one film in and around the Nilgiris.

Professional Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography and Documentary Filmmaking Course

This will be a workshop to give an understanding of how to approach and execute a corporate film.

Professional Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography and Documentary Filmmaking Course

Working on a project - from identifying the story to research and execution, to finally producing a documentary on either a Social issue / Travel / Corporate.

On submission of a final project that meets Light & Life standards, the student will be eligible for the award of the Post Graduate Diploma in Documentary & Corporate Filmmaking.

Professional Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography and Documentary Filmmaking Course

Evaluation is done on a continuous basis, on assignments submitted and tests administered. The students are expected to clear every single assignment/test with a minimum score of 70%. Light & Life Academy believes that every student can make the grade, and the student is given enough opportunities and assistance from the faculty to achieve the minimum grade for every assignment.

Note: The policy of the Academy is to update the course content constantly. This is based on developments in the field/industry (technical, aesthetic & communication). The course content, schedules and methodology are therefore subject to change even as the course is in progress.

Upon completion of the course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the documentary filmmaker's role as both an artist and storyteller. They will demonstrate proficient knowledge in digital production and post-production technology. Students will be adept at identifying and implementing effective strategies for developing and structuring documentary narratives across various genres. The program also equips students with the skills to utilize visual grammar and storytelling devices proficiently while learning the nuances of professional collaboration in documentary production.

Professional Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography and Documentary Filmmaking Course

  • Independent documentary film-makers
  • Working with NGO’s
  • Working with travel magazines
  • Working with independent platforms/content agencies
  • Working with CSR wings of various organisations
  • Making corporate films for companies and services
  • Creating social media content
  • Creating educational videos
  • Creating digital manuals

Total: Rs. 3,50,000 + Rs. 30,000 (Refundable Security Deposit)
GST as applicable will be payable on the fee. Current rate: 18%.

The course fee includes:
Use of lighting equipment, light modifying accessories and grip equipment within the Academy Campus only.
A selection of props and backgrounds for use in LLA Studios (to be returned in original condition after use).
Transport from Ooty (designated pick-up point) to Academy and back on days when the student is required to be on campus.
Lunch, tea/coffee on days when the student is required to be on campus.

Additional Expenses to be borne by the students:
Personal equipment maintenance/repairs/insurance, books/stationery
Personal expenses on accommodation, food, personal travel, etc.
Expenses for travel and stay at locations where assignment shots are to be done
Expenses involved while working on the final projects. On travel, accommodation etc.
Overnight field trips.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission is open to any graduate (with a minimum of 15 years of formal education), who is over 20 years of age.

In rare cases, exceptions will be made at the discretion of management, for those who have not completed a UG degree but have substantial work experience.

If you have any queries regarding eligibility call us at +91 7598287370 or write to us at


The course requires candidates to have their own DSLR/Mirrorless camera with lenses ranging from wide to tele, portable flash, video tripod, filters, a laptop with Adobe Premiere Pro, and a simple audio recording device that works with a cell phone. A specific equipment list will be provided once the candidate is accepted.


Light and Life Academy does not provide hostel facilities. However, assistance will be provided by the academy in finding appropriate accommodation.

Admission Process

Admission is on a first-come-first-served basis and involves a three-step process:

  • Online Application Review by Light & Life Academy.
  • Personal interview on campus with Director(s).
  • The Academy notifies admission status soon after the interviews.

Online Application Process

Step 1: Fill out the online application form.

The following documents are needed during the application process. All files uploaded are to be under 1 MB.

a. Profile Picture: Digital file of a recent passport-size photograph against a plain background (Note: ‘Selfies’ not accepted)
b. Digital copies(PDF/Jpeg) of Educational certificates.
c. Reference letters (Optional).
d. Portfolio: 20 images made by the candidate.

Note: Once the application process has been initiated, the form can be accessed by using the unique URL sent to your email ID.

Step 2: Complete online payment of the application fee.

Upon payment of Rs.1500/- + GST, the application process is complete.
Once step 1 & step 2 are completed, you will be informed about the next step within 3 working days.

You can reach out to us in case you have any doubts/clarifications.
Call: +91 75982 87370

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How To Apply

1. Complete the Online application process: Fill in the application form with all the required details. If your application has been shortlisted, you will be called for a personal interview at the LLA Campus

2. Personal Interview: This will be held on campus. It is a half-day process. Details will be shared via email.

3. Offer of Admission: After the personal interview, if you have been selected, the offer of admission letter will be handed over. Our student affairs manager will take you through the process in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus is open for visits throughout the academic year during working hours. Find out information on how to reach Light & Life Academy in the Contact Us page.

However, do let us know regarding your visit by writing to us on or giving us a call on 7598287370.

Nilgiris is at roughly 2000m above sea level. During summer the temperature reaches a maximum of 25 °C and a minimum of 10 °C. During winter the temperature maximum is 20 °C and the minimum 0 °C . The district regularly receives rain during both the Southwest Monsoon and the Northeast Monsoon. The average annual rainfall of the district is 1,920.80 mm.

Learning at Light & Life Academy happens through lectures, slideshows, demos and practical assignments. A typical week consists of on-campus classroom lectures and demos with faculty, working on assignments around the Nilgiris and critique sessions on campus. The schedule varies from week to week depending on the module being covered.

College provides transport and lunch, Tea/coffee on days the students are required to come to the campus.

To know more about student life check out Life at LLA.

The courses in Light & Life Academy are taught in English.

Over the last 2 decades, students who have completed their photography education from Light & Life Academy, have gone on to have careers as freelance photographers, photo editors, cinematographers, creative directors and in other roles among allied fields.

Check out the Alumni Gallery to see their work.