About us

Light & Life Academy is a not-for-profit education trust started by Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha Iqbal, set up with the initial support of Kodak India & Eastman Kodak, USA in the year 2001.

This was a first custom designed, full facility institute exclusively for photography in India. It started with the objective of providing affordable professional photography education of a high standard.


The college is deliberately located in Ooty, a small, simple and quaint town filled with extremely friendly and supportive people. The quality of light is perfect for students of photography. Besides, as there are few distractions, the learning curve is steep and the students stay focused on photography.

Our Philosophy

At Light & Life Academy, we believe that images are created by what you observe and by what you intuit. Our every endeavour, therefore, is to go beyond a thorough understanding of the art & science of photography, towards awakening and nurturing each individual’s unique vision and inner vision as is symbolised in our logo.

We strongly believe in the methods of a Modern Gurukul. In order to fully understand photography, one should understand light and life. We believe that the two are strongly intertwined and have a lasting effect on each other. Thus, we encourage the students to grow and develop in all aspects of their life. There is no right or wrong at Light & Life Academy, it is the process of learning and taking fruitful steps towards reaching the end goal.

Iqbal Mohamed

Iqbal Mohamed is the Founder of Light & Life Academy. He is the alumnus of Brooks Institute of Photography, California USA. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in History & Political Science from Loyola College (Chennai) and an MBA from the University of Madras. He has worked in advertising for brands across the board – FMCG to Automobile – winning many accolades and awards on the way. He has created memorable projects on various topics ranging from commemorating the 1000 year old Thanjavur Temple to a UNESCO World Heritage project called ‘Nilgiris Mountain Railway and ‘Chola Architecture’. His first book – “Portrait & Function Photography” – is the only of its kind, to be published in eight Indian languages besides English. One of the defining forces of Iqbal’s life has been his deep and lasting connection with nature. He believes that every picture he has ever taken is a reflection of some aspect of life that he observed in nature – its forms, shapes, sounds, or patterns. It is out in the open that he learnt the true value of natural light and how it can transform an image. Much like nature’s generosity, it was Iqbal’s desire to share the joy of photography with the world that fuelled his most ambitious project – the Light & Life Academy. It’s India’s first and only institute of professional photography, which he set up in lush and picturesque Ooty.


While Iqbal is the creative force behind Light & Life, Anuradha Iqbal is at the helm of planning and operations. A marketing and advertising professional with over a decade of experience, Anuradha has handled planning and creative for national/multinational accounts; winning awards along the way. She is a graduate in commerce and a post-graduate in economics from Mumbai University. She has a Diploma in Advertising and Marketing and has attended a number of management training programmes, nationally and internationally. Both Iqbal and Anuradha are dedicatedly active in various Environmental Preservation and Social Awareness programmes.