Mohsin Taha

Mohsin Taha acquired his degree in science from St.Xaviers College, he realised that he particularly loved optics and studying the dynamics of different lighting. This intrigued him to develop interest and curiosity towards photography. For Someone who picked up his first camera in college, he says he gave form to his aspirations the day he stepped into Light & Life Academy.

Having spent almost a decade in the field, he has worked with numerous brands such as Hyatt, Hiranandani, HDFC, Brookfield, OLA, Jio, JSW, D Decor, Tata Housing, Godrej realty, Avighna etc

He gives his clients access to a unique blend of technique and aesthetics through an in-house state of the art pre production, styling & retouching setup.

When not shooting architecture and spaces, he loves driving and venturing out of the city experiencing new cultures and trying new cuisines. And he absolutely loves F1!

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