Ankit Gupta

Ankit grew up in Delhi. A big fan of cricket, he played the sport every chance he got, apart from enjoying his fair share of Table Tennis and Badminton. Like everyone around him at the time, Ankit had one of two paths to take after school – either become an engineer or a doctor. Ankit chose the former and completed his undergraduate degree in engineering.

During his first job at Infosys, Ankit’s mother gifted him a DSLR and that is how it all started. He recollects one morning distinctly, when he was in a valley, surrounded by mountains in Kashmir, where he realised his passion for photography, because all he could think about was capturing that moment, and saving it for eternity.

After some deliberation, with bags packed, he came to LLA and completed his Post Graduation in Professional Photography. Ankit is based in New Delhi and specialises in Travel, Nature, Architecture and Interior photography.


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