Light & Life Academy’s Specialisations: Elevating Photography Skills

Light & Life Academy, a renowned institution in the world of photography education, offers four fascinating specialisations, each designed to hone the skills and creativity of aspiring professional photographers. These specialisations open doors to diverse and rewarding career paths within the vast realm of photography. Let’s take a closer look at what each specialisation covers:

Fashion Photography

The world of fashion is a captivating blend of art, aesthetics, and style. Light & Life Academy’s fashion photography specialisation is a gateway to this dynamic industry. Students begin with an introduction to the evolution of fashion, learning how it has transformed over the years. The curriculum guides students through the process of conceiving fashion campaigns, involving the creation of mood boards, theme development, and planning fashion looks.

To provide real-world exposure, students are taken through visually inspiring lectures, presentations, and live shoots conducted by accomplished fashion photographers. These shoots feature professional models, stylists, and makeup artists from the industry, offering students a firsthand experience of the nuances of fashion photography. Additionally, students gain insights into the use of high-end lighting equipment to create diverse lighting moods, the direction of models and collaborative work with stylists and makeup artists.

During this photography course, students also study portrait photography. They delve into the art of capturing portraits, covering candid and street photography, studio and on-location shoots, the use of natural and artificial lighting, and even the fusion of both. Interacting with portrait subjects, mastering the art of posing, and effectively conveying the character of the subject are key components of this course.

Apart from still images, students also create short communication pieces suitable for social media and digital platforms.

Food & Beverage Photography

Capturing the essence and appeal of culinary creations is at the heart of food and beverage photography. Students explore the intricacies of this niche specialisation, delving into the visual art of making food and beverages look delectable and appetising.

Lectures, visual presentations and live shoots conducted by established food photographers help students experience the real world of professional food photography. The students will be taken through the entire process of delivering a food photography assignment. From interacting with food stylists and chefs, creating production documents with themes and moods, prepping for the shoot and finally actual photography. During the live shoot, the students also get to experience the use of specialized equipment, lighting and accessories. This course equips students with a very good understanding of how different surfaces interact with light.

The students will be taken through a session on how food photography has evolved over the years and the trends in styling, with a feel of how culture and regional cuisines dictate the look of a particular food being photographed.

In addition, the curriculum also covers the captivating world of splash photography. They delve into high-speed splash photography and learn the art of conceptualising and capturing images of various products. Apart from still images, students also create short communication pieces suitable for social media and digital platforms.

Travel, Nature & Fine Art Photography

For those enchanted by the world’s natural beauty and diverse cultures, the travel, nature, and fine art photography specialisation is an enriching choice. This course encompasses diverse aspects of travel and nature photography, emphasising the art of storytelling through captivating visuals.

Students get an immersive experience exploring various facets of photographing nature, landscapes, seascapes, macros and wildlife. The curriculum for travel photography covers the nuances of capturing travel destinations with varied appeal. They learn the art of research, destination planning, and project execution. Lectures, slideshows, field trips, case studies, and hands-on projects immerse students in the world of travel photography.

The faculty collaborates with students to guide them through project execution, fostering creativity and storytelling. Apart from still images, students also create short communication pieces suitable for social media and digital platforms.

Architecture & Interior Photography

This specialisation is tailor-made for those with a passion for capturing the grandeur and intricacies of architectural and interior spaces. Students begin with an introduction to architectural photography, covering both exterior and interior photography. They explore a range of lighting possibilities, from natural to artificial, and the synergy between different lighting sources.

The curriculum delves deep into the art of capturing spaces, focusing on perspective, lighting, and styling. The students get the opportunity to work on a real-life assignment that takes them through a step-by-step process of planning and executing an architecture / interior photography assignment. From discussion with the client to arriving at spaces to be covered, to recce, planning the finetuning of spaces, preparing each space for the shoot, styling aspects of spaces, scheduling the shoot based on the appropriate time to get the best image and working with high-end lighting equipment as they assist the faculty at the shoot.

The students learn how light reacts to different kinds of surfaces and how to handle it aesthetically during photography. They will also learn how to adopt all that they have learnt in the architecture and interior photography specailisation to work with industrial photography.

Nurturing Visionaries

Light & Life Academy’s diverse specialisations cater to the evolving needs of the photography industry. These comprehensive photography courses provide students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience required to excel in their chosen fields. Whether aspiring to be portrait photographers, fashion gurus, product specialists, food connoisseurs, travel documentarians, or architectural aficionados, students at Light & Life Academy graduate as visionary photographers ready to make their mark in the world of visuals.

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