UV Photography

At light and life the students work on creating images using every kind of natural and artificial light available. The emphasis is on understanding the qualities of each kind of light and creating images that exploits the quality of light in the most aesthetic fashion and tell an interesting story.

U.V Light Photography is done using fluorescent paint and ultra violet. Whatever the subject the ultra violet photography makes it look unreal. The challenge is to create an image, which in this unreal interpretation still communicates a story. Here are some of the images done by the students for this very exciting assignment while working on a fairytale/surreal story.

In a fairytale setting, huge flowers, mushroom houses and children playing are painted with UV light in order to evoke a sense of fantasy and wonder.

– Nutan

The story that I wanted to portray through my picture was that of an African fairytale.

During new moon starry nights, the ancestors of the African tribes descend onto the earth. The statues laced with intricate tribal art come to life and begin glowing, depicting the arrival of the elders. As nature joins the ceremony, the grasslands around start emitting a glow as a celebratory welcome.

– Abhijit Sunilkumar

A cauldron of magic potion stews as the witch adds more ingredients to it. The pot, the potion and the witch’s hand were colored with UV paint in order to bring about a mystical feeling.

– Gobinath

Children and their imagination have the power to create fascinating worlds! Here is the solar system reimagined through the eyes of a child, colorful and boundless!

– Mandeep

Inspired by the Spongebob cartoon, I recreated his, “pineapple under the sea” house using various elements to bring about a sense of an underwater setting… Lit up entirely, of course, by a UV light!

– Tanjul

Batman, re-imagined, has grown tired of this world and seeks another through the Gateway of Light at the edge of a pine forest. The entire setting being lit up with a UV light.

– Divya Varde

A monster truck takes flight over a sea of clouds under a starry, moonlit night as some shooting stars zoom by.

This is a child’s dream, a fantasy, of his favourite car flying over the clouds against all odds!

– Anurag Varshney

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