Life Through the Lens: A Photographer’s Perspective

In recent times, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey I’ve embarked on as a photographer over the past four decades. Photography has become more than just a hobby or a profession; it has fundamentally changed the way I perceive life, shaping my responses to challenges, drawbacks, successes, and opportunities in profound ways.

My journey into photography began like many others, with a simple curiosity and a camera gifted to me during my teenage years. Little did I know that this seemingly ordinary gift would become a lifelong passion and a lens through which I would see the world differently.

1. Looking Closely for the Unseen

Through the eyes of a photographer, I’ve learned to look beyond the obvious. I’ve discovered that life’s true beauty often lies in the details, the subtle nuances that we overlook in our daily life.

This perspective has taught me to appreciate the intricate and delicate aspects of life, whether it’s the texture of a weathered stone or the twinkle in someone’s eye.

2. The Importance of Detailing

Photography has instilled in me the importance of attention to detail. To capture a compelling image, I must focus on the smallest elements, from the play of light and shadow to the intricate patterns and gamut of colours.

This meticulous approach has transcended photography and seeped into my everyday life, making me more attentive and mindful in all that I do.

3. Embracing Life’s Phases

The true magic of photography lies in its ability to capture life’s fleeting moments, forever preserving them in a frame. I’ve come to realize that each period of life is neither superior nor inferior to the other. They are merely different chapters of the same book, each contributing to the depth and richness of our existence.

This realization through photography has taught me to embrace the present, knowing that it’s a mere blink in the vast timeline of life. Instead of longing for days gone by or anxiously awaiting what the future holds, I’ve learned to cherish the current chapter for the unique story it tells.

4. Nature as an Infinite Source

Nature, in all its majesty, has become my muse. I’ve learned to see the world as a canvas painted with countless natural wonders waiting to be captured. In contemplating the significance of nature in our lives, it’s clear that it’s not just a backdrop but a vital part of our existence. Nature nurtures our physical and emotional well-being, providing inspiration and sparking our creativity. The delicate balance of ecosystems provides essential resources and the priceless gift of natural beauty, sustaining life as we know it.

This connection with nature brings me profound inner peace and reinforces my unwavering commitment to environmental conservation.

5. Positivity Fuels Creativity

Dealing with life’s challenges positively has expanded the horizons of my creativity. Adversity, rather than being a roadblock, has often led me to new and unexpected creative heights.

This outlook has transformed setbacks into stepping stones, pushing me to seek inspiration even in the most challenging circumstances.

6. Seizing Every Moment

One of the most profound lessons photography has imparted is the realization that there are photo opportunities in every moment and every place. Life, like a series of snapshots, is filled with unique and fleeting moments waiting to be captured.

This perspective has made me more present in my daily life, encouraging me to savour each moment and find beauty in the ordinary.

7. Variety as Life’s Spice

Photography has reinforced the idea that variety is the spice of life. Exploring different genres of photography, from portraits to landscapes, has enriched my artistic journey and brought diversity to my experiences.

This openness to variety has extended beyond photography, enriching my interactions with people, cultures, and experiences.

In conclusion, seeing life through the eyes of a photographer has transformed my existence in ways I could have never anticipated. It has made me more observant, patient, and appreciative of the world’s wonders. My journey as a photographer has brought me closer to nature and not only influenced my creative endeavours but has also enhanced my relationships with friends, students, and mentees. Through the lens, I’ve learned that life is a beautiful tapestry of moments waiting to be captured and celebrated, and I look forward to every frame that is yet to be exposed in the magnificent album of life.

– By Iqbal Mohamed.

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