Light & Life Academy’s Journey to Ignite Passion for Photography

In the enchanting hills of Ooty, a haven for aspiring professional photographers was born in 2001—Light & Life Academy. Founded by the visionary duo, Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha Iqbal, this pioneering institution has illuminated the path of photography education in India. Let’s embark on a journey through the evolution of Light & Life Academy, discovering the essence that makes it a unique education hub for photography.

LLA - Professional Photography College in India

From the very beginning, Light & Life Academy has stood as a testament to the power of passion and purpose. Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha Iqbal, driven by their extensive experience in photography and advertising, recognized the need for structured photography education in India. Thus, the academy was born, with a mission to offer high-quality, affordable photography courses to eager minds.

Automobile Photography preparation in LLA

The essence of Light & Life Academy lies in its ability to provide an excellent grounding in the science of photography even as it nurtures the vision, creativity and a love for storytelling into its students. Alumni and current students alike attest to the profound impact of the academy’s teachings on their artistic journeys. “Light & Life Academy is not just an institution; it’s a sanctuary where creativity thrives,” says one alumnus.

Talent showcase in LLA Campus

The story of Light & Life Academy’s founders, Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha Iqbal, is one of dedication and innovation. Iqbal Mohamed’s journey from studying professional photography in the USA to becoming one of India’s leading photographers forms the backbone of the academy’s ethos. Anuradha Iqbal’s prowess in the advertising industry complements Iqbal’s vision, bringing Light & Life Academy to life.

Fashion Photography session at LLA Studio

The academy’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of visual storytellers is evident through its excellently structured and constantly evolving specialised photography courses. From fashion and nature photography to digital documentary filmmaking, these courses provide a comprehensive education that equips students with practical skills and industry insights.

As Light & Life Academy continues to evolve, it remains committed to its core values: to ignite the inherent creativity and empower the students. With its illustrious legacy and passionate mentors at the helm, the academy lights the way for aspiring photographers to discover their true potential.

Automobile studio session by Iqbal Mohamed.

Today, their vision has materialized into a picturesque sprawling campus boasting state-of-the-art facilities and is recognised as a premier and much sought after institution to learn the art and science of photography. Over the last two decades, the academy has proudly nurtured and graduated over a  thousand talented students, each contributing to the legacy of world-class photographers. Through its commitment to education, innovation, and nurturing vision, Light & Life Academy continues to shape the future of visual storytelling, one click at a time.

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