Coming to my senses By Thurrya V

The hush of the trees as they sway to the rhythm of the wind and the dust particles dancing in an orange lit sky shown by the fjord of the rising sun while the city sleeps, I wake. The early rays seeking to touch every inch of the frame, glittering on my skin as I reflected it.

I squinted my aperture trying to adjust to the light, and opened it as wide as possible to soak in the picturesque view. As I panned in awe to get a good glimpse of the scene in front of me, I saw a flock of pigeons flapping their wings and flying into the orange yonder. I immediately went back to capture this sight. I zoomed my eye a little to get a tighter frame, and as my heartbeat increased to a rate of ISO 200, I took a deep breath and closed my shutter taking note of every minute detail and engraving them in my pixels.


Having always shot with a point and shoot camera, I was very excited to try my hand with a DSLR. When I was 17, I tried clicking an early morning view from my balcony with my first DSLR. It was disappointing that my photo was nothing but a blank white screen, however this built curiosity in me and I wanted to learn how it works. This marked the beginning of my photography journey.

Hi I am Thurrya, a Chennai based photographer. I got my first camera when I was 17years old. I initially started with college assignments, family trips etc. But what triggered the passion for photography was the earthquake in Nepal.The earthquake had destroyed most of the beautiful monuments that I had captured during our college excursion just ten months before the disaster.

Later, as I was toying with the idea of making a career of this wonderful art called photography, my friend and I came across a 30-day-photography challenge on Pinterest and we thought we should give it a try. Doing the challenge was a major boost to my confidence. I then started posting photos regularly on Facebook and Instagram. The encouragement from my family and friends led me to start my own blog, Barnowl Photoblog. Later, I went on to pursue a photography course at Light and Life academy. Now fully geared with all the training from LLA, I wish to become a professional at Product and Food Photography which I am keenly interested in.

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