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Color Of Light – Off Campus Session

Mr. Iqbal Mohamed takes his class outdoors. A practical session on color and its myriad hues.

This was a day every one of us was waiting for, a session with Iqbal Sir himself. This session on the “Color of Light” taught us practically about the different colors that light can be captured and the various factors that influence the same – for example direction, time, location, etc. The class was incredibly interesting as we got to see some of the pictures captured by Iqbal Sir that drove home the point eloquently.

A little while later, all of us boarded the college buses for an outdoor session to the neighboring village of Nunthala where we had a good view of the western horizon. Time flew by as Iqbal Sir pointed out to us how the sun set created myriad hues in the sky and how we should as photographers observe, understand and incorporate light in all its various forms into the art of photography.

“Mind-blowing stuff! This is a day that will be etched in our memories forever.” – Pramukh Bajaj

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