Life at LLA

Batch 23 Cooks Up a Storm!

The first group activity of Batch 23 was a treat for all the senses, as Batch 23 took over the LLA kitchen. The menu featured dishes from all corners of the country – reflecting the diversity within the batch. From Pathiri (a rice flatbread from the Malabar coast) to Bhindi Bharwa (a stuffed okra dish from North India).

As one student put it, the dishes were “a bit of home” on the plate.

Cooking and serving for a whole batch of students along with staff is no easy task. Students took charge of every process – from planning the menu, sourcing ingredients, dividing tasks in the kitchen, serving the food, all the way up to cleaning utensils.

We are glad to report that the food was as heartwarming as the spirit of the batch. No Reshoots.

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