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At the end of the Session on Introduction to 35 mm Professional Photography , our students set out on a Photo walk.  They were dropped at the Katteri Village by our College Bus.  They trekked from there, capturing the picturesque landscape of Nilgiris , covering an exciting journey of 10 Kilometres.

Few Excerpts from the student’s journal


Vikramjit Barua ,” As the chinese proverb goes, Walk the same path every day, and  you shall see something new in   every way.  This quote always enthralled me, but yesterday’s photo walk did everything the quote ever meant.  It wasn’t   a simple “walk in the park”.  The road opened me to the simplistic beauty of nature and how mankind exists in complete symbiosis with Mother Nature, how even the poor villager has a millionaires smile, their greet, their smile; how the monkeys stare back at us, wondering why we are fascinated with them as  they were .  It was extremely blissful, the road with a start and a destination, like life leading to death, but a beautiful journey within “

Soundarya Murugaiyan “As a first- timer, I really enjoyed the trek, meeting new people, learning new culture, talking to the locals about their work flow.  I expected to finish last, but I was one of the few people to finish first.  A lot of new frames caught my eye. I am looking forward to more such experiences”

Thirivikraman . V, “The photo walk was cool.  A 10 km walk after a long time and first time on the hills.  We saw parrots, monkeys, bison’s and so many other birds.  We had a lot of fun with Iqbal Sir in the tea shops.   Thanks to light and life Academy for this “

Nachiket,” the photo walk was very informative, especially about new locations.  Interacting with faculties, learning new techniques from them and seeing   what they see for the same image or frame was really helpful. This walk made me use all the techniques learnt in class, also, it was a test of stamina and endurance.   It was also a learning experience sharing thoughts about images and making the image better.  Such photo walks should be conducted at least once a month.   I would like to thank the entire LLA for organising this. Thank You!!  ”

Sukruti, “Photo walk- I have never experienced walking so many kilometres at a stretch (with passion, excitement and enthusiasm).  Scattered all over the road, with cameras, capturing nature, was an amazing feeling.   I love the way we explored a part of nature so beautifully.   It was different because of its up hills and down hills, relief and stress.    Awesome feeling ever…….   want his walk every month at least once “

Vinod Balaji , “ Yesterday’s photo walk was something different for me .  I have never walked 10 kilometres in my life.  The small break that we had in the tea shops with Iqbal Sir was fun.  The bison’s on the way, was something that I didn’t expect and I wish they were more closer and I’ve clicked a picture of it. I hope we’ll have our occasional photo walks.”


Faiyaz Hawawala, “ It was really amazing observing the happenings all around – the way, the waterfalls, the carrot processing units, etc. We started Identifying birds with the help of Vasudha Ma’am.  We passed through some villages, forest, etc, and it was a good feeling looking at the expressions of people looking at 50 people walking on road with  their cameras.  Talking and making jokes  of each other and enjoying was also an important part of the walk , as we are really going to miss these moments.   Observing Iqbal Sir photographing garbage, behind the scenes , etc and his jokes and decisive moment to click really funny and interesting shots.  A suggestion which I feel like giving is that we could have included more villages where we could have stopped and took photos , interacted with more people and understood the  culture in a better way.  But overall , it was a great experience “.

Saurabh. N. Kolekar,  “  On 10th September 2012, we , the people of Light and Life Academy, ventured on a mystical and Adventurous journey from the beautiful Katteri village to kilkaikatty ( somewhere in the lands of Lord Chamraj).

We started our journey after finishing submitting the fruits of our hard labour, and were divided in five classes, with one captain heading each class and the  King and Queen of LLA governing them.

We walked through village after village seeing, observing, and learning the ways of the people as well as about the natural treasures of this vast kingdom.  Halfway through the journey, we realised that we have reached the forests of Chamraj.  Scared and excited about confronting the wild, we marched on, spotting some of the beautiful creatures that delve these lands.

As we began thinking, we will reach our destination; any time now, came the silver charrot from far off with   her first officer accompanying her.  As happy as we were, our legs trembled when we were told  that we have to walk another 20 minutes.  As hard and challenging the journey was, I think we were truly enlightened by it.  Thank You”


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