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The Automobile class was taken by Iqbal Mohamed on campus. The students enjoyed the session a great deal, with Iqbal providing much needed comic relief at regular intervals to ensure that the class remains interesting and fun! Here’s what a few students had to say about the class:

The 3 days of classes was a lot of fun and very involving. Watching Iqbal Sir be “in his Zone” was inspiring. The set ups involved a lot of pre planning and management for the shoot to happen smoothly . There was just so much to observe and learn.

-Sreeram (Batch 15)

The ingenuity of shooting on large production is still alive and it was taught to us by Mr.Iqbal. He is an inspiring person still drawing persistence from the art of clicking pictures which won’t even demand post processing. The knowledge of fundamentals formed the structure of all his classes.

-Akash M Tiwary (Batch 15)

The Automobile Session has been a very interesting and informative one. It has been one which has helped me achieve an understanding of two of my true passions, automobiles and photography

Iqbal sir is the best guru I could have for realizing my goals. His teaching methodology and his understanding of photography has helped me take my mind to realize the depth

-Sheik Shahil (Batch 15)

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