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Every Frame A Story

In today’s hyper-digital world, photographs are dime a dozen, vying for our attention. How do you embed meaning and story into an image to elevate it from the ordinary? Students of Batch 23 learnt that and a lot more in their Visual Storytelling Workshop with Subhash Tendle.

“This workshop broadened my horizons. I didn’t think so deeply before taking pictures earlier. Now I have a 5 step process – things to think about while framing and composing an image. We also learnt to consider the audience of an image while clicking and how each audience consumes and interprets an image differently. “- Ahalya

The workshop was designed to make the students question their preconceived notions. They were challenged to think out of the box and brainstorm ideas in teams. From the selection of subject, to the story to framing, to composition – every minute decision made during a shoot had to be well thought out and planned. It was a new way of thinking about images for all of them.

“All the stories we can tell through an image – this workshop has opened up our minds. Not just what we are thinking while clicking, how we think about images itself has changed. The way Subhash Sir conducted the class – patiently making sure we understood every concept at every stage. We truly appreciate it.”– Nivedita

“Earlier, our thoughts were not reflected in the image. After this workshop, we now understand the “why” of an image and how to incorporate it into the image”. – Gowtham

Here are some images from the workshop.

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