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Pinhole Photography Session

Pinhole Photography! A session that brings out the artist in you! A technique that gives a painterly effect to the images was first tried out hundreds of years ago, around the 4 – 5th Century BC.

For the students at LLA, the session was an eye-opener. Here’s what some students had to say about their experience:

“Pinhole photography was a whole new world for me. It felt like exploring the past when they had no lens. At first I was a little skeptical about how the pictures will turn out, but once I saw the images I fell in love with the drama I was able to create. I feel l will never stop taking pictures this way every once a while.”

– Divya Varde, P.G Diploma in Professional Photography.

“This was a really good experience; the output was just like an abstract painting. It’s a remembrance of a bygone era in photography. Thanks for such an interesting,creative assignment.”

– Vishnu prakash, P.G Diploma in Professional Photography.

The result of this session was a whole lot of interesting images. Here are some of them!

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