Life at LLA

Diwali: A celebration of Light, Life and all things Sweet!

It was a Diwali with a welcome twist this time at Light & Life Academy (LLA). In a strange coincidence, in our 18th year of operations, we have in the current batch 18, students from 18 States. What better way, than to have our students capturing Diwali in all its splendor and brilliance across all these 18 States! From pictures of delectable sweets to the hustle-bustle of the streets, joyous celebrations with their families and the play of lights, they captured it all. Pictures from across the country! Diwali holidays, well spent!

We can’t showcase them all here due to lack of space. Here are a few of them, so you get the picture.

To see all the pictures, use the following hashtags on Instagram: #LLAInstaAssignment #Diwali2018 #DiwaliLLA

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