Life at LLA

Camping at LLA

The students of Batch 17 have brought about a new trend at LLA, camping out in college. They began the evening by cooking dinner, from lasagna to pizza to cookies, in the college cafeteria, for everyone on campus. Then, as night fell, they decided to pitch tents and camp on the football ground, one of most picturesque spots on campus, so that they didn’t have to leave. What followed was a night spent by, the fire-side, with endless conversation, reminiscing about the year gone by and the company of Light, the campus labrador.

Here is how Priyanka Rozario describes her experience, “It’s not often you find a home away from home, and when you do there’s a huge amount of joy that comes along with it. And one such day was 15th June 2018, the day some of us camped in college, it felt like home. We had one of the best nights which continued to a beautiful morning and we couldn’t have had that happen to us anywhere else other than at “Light & Life Academy”.

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