Life at LLA

It's not farewell!

As the academic year drew to a close on 14th of June, 2018 for the students of Light & Life Academy, Batch 17, nostalgia was a close companion.The students spent as much of their time as possible in the places around campus that they fell in love with,on this their last day of class in college. From the Table Tennis room to the lawn outside the cafeteria, the students made sure that they captured as many memories as they could before they left to begin working on their portfolio.

As dawn turned to dusk, the students gathered around the cafeteria fireplace to relive the year that was, through song and dance. The talented singers of Batch 17 entertained their colleagues and the faculty with a medley of popular hindi songs and The Tone-deafs, a student band from Batch 17, performed ‘Coconut’ by Harry Nilsson (a favorite of the founders), and entranced the whole gathering with a great performance of ‘Wish you were here’ by Pink Floyd, while the dancers dazzled everyone with their performance.

As the day came to an end, a roller coaster of emotions took over and many hugs were had and many tears were shed as they bid adieu to each other and a very special year at Light & Life Academy.

The Light & Life Academy staff too were overcome with emotion as they said goodbye to an amazing group of extremely talented individuals who now have a home away from home in in the hills, amongst the clouds.

Here are the thoughts of some students from Batch 17 as they look back on their time at Light & Life Academy:

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