Life at LLA

Multimedia Session

The Multimedia session was taken by R. Narayan Kumar, an alumni of FTII with over 20 years of experience in the industry, working with directors like K. Balachander, Naga & K. Hariharan.

The students imbibed all the learnings he had to offer and were highly appreciative of the knowledge that was shared.

Here’s what R. Narayan Kumar had to say about his LLA experience. This is probably the 4th Batch of LLA Students for whom I am taking multimedia classes. Every year this place grows on me. I keep discovering new insights about the space, light and architecture at LLA. The students’ curiosity and interests are also so varied in every batch. I completely cherish teaching here. One of the most inspiring and friendly environment, staff and faculty. 3 Cheers to “LLA”!

– R.Narayan Kumar

Student feedback

The session with sir was really great. We got to learn a lot of visual techniques and how we could apply the same in our images as well. He helped shape our concepts into more refined forms of multimedia while also giving us critiques on our creative ideas to push us further. – Akshitha Ungarala

Learnt a lot from him. Especially the story telling aspect of video making where he emphasized how important it was for a video to convey what the creator intends to convey. Working with the one of the biggest in the industry, his experience taught us a lot! – Tushar Garg

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