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Fashion Photography Specialization

Aneev Rao’s annual pilgrimage to Ooty from the hustle of Mumbai life as a fashion photographer was eagerly awaited by all the students who opted for fashion photography as their specialization.

Aneev brought with him not only a team of extremely reputed professionals, from stylists, to make-up artists to hair-stylist, models, but also a wealth of intangible experience from his years working as a professional photographer in the industry. Our students absorbed every bit of valuable information given to themand greatly benefitted from this session.

Here’s what Aneev and the students had to say about the session:

Faculty Feedback

As batches go, this was one of the most enthusiastic batches I have taught. Very attentive, curious and listened with great attention. I do hope they are able to translate all these qualities with ease, when it comes to making pictures for their fashion assignment. My only advise to this batch would be to pay more attention to their sources of inspiration. The internet is riddled with bad/mediocre content and I urge them to go beyond that and find something truly inspiring to guide their work and vision.

– Aneev Rao

Student Feedback:

Aneev Sir gave us a full hands-on experience on how the industry works and everything we really needed to know about fashion, how we have to approach things creativity and how to incorporate this in our pictures. He was very open about his thoughts and opinions, very excited to share his experience, clear our doubts and give more and more information about everything he could offer us in such a short span of time. – Anusha

The fashion photography class by Aneev Rao sir taught me how a fashion shoot takes place with pre-production all the way upto the payment being made to the photographer. Apart from the general idea of how a fashion story starts and ends,Aneev Sir’s insight into the real world scenario and his tips and techniques helped me a lot to understand how easy it is to be a fashion photographer. Overall the class was informative -Athul

Aneev’s class has been one of the most interactive sessions we had. Having no prior knowledge about fashion photography, he opened a whole new world to us and explained how everything works very practically. The demo sessions were amazing and we saw how a whole crew of stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers interact in order to get the perfect picture. Overall, it was a really crazy and new experience for us. We thank Aneev for encouraging us and taking us through the session! -Sneha Nair

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