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Captioning for Photographers

Every picture has a story to tell… So what’s the story here? – A workshop by Pankaja Srinivasan

A caption completes the story of a picture in many ways – by adding relevant information about the photograph and also giving insights into the mind of the photographer.

Light & Life Academy organised a workshop that shed light on the important role a caption plays in photography.

In a very interactive and fun session, students first captioned 5 images and a selection was read out. There were a variety of captions, from philosophical to witty to informative,  that revealed the different ways everyone interprets a single image.

Next, each student was asked to caption one image they had clicked that was special to them. They then presented these to the class and were given feedback by Ms.Pankaja Srinivasan, helping students explore their communication skills.

Here’s what the students had to say about the session:

“The first photograph caption I did was a simple one liner, but after hearing what others had written, I tried to write in a funnier way, more detailed way so that my caption stands out and speaks for the photograph. It was fun, informative and was a great learning experience.”
– Chandni

“The caption writing session was something new, since we haven’t had that kind of perspective told to us before. Now we know how to look at the same picture in different ways. It was a great learning experience.”
– Roshan

About Pankaja Srinivasan

Pankaja Srinivasan is a recently retired Senior Deputy Editor with The Hindu in Coimbatore for fourteen years. Before that she has been with several National dailies and magazines, besides doing freelance work. She enjoys reading and is currently also wrapping up a cookbook she has been working on for far too many years.


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