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Celebrating the Art of Origami

This World Origami Day (11 November, 2019) was a special one, here at LLA! Swati Prabhakaran (Batch 16- 17) took us through a fascinating session on Origami where we were also taught how to make Origami Birds, Leaves and Flowers!

After a full day’s work of using flint paper to fold ourselves a sizable number of Origami Birds in the cafeteria, we made our way down to the reception, all ready to put up the final installation; Soon, there hung from roof of the reception, a cascading flock of colorful Origami birds not only to mark the end of a wonderful day but also as a symbol of the entire batch of Photographers coming together to craft something beautiful, in appreciation for another profound art form.

“Happy World Origami Day! I started working with Origami as a hobby and it has helped with my concentration and memory retention. It has also improved my hand eye coordination which has proven useful in Photography because you need to be really quick to capture the right moments.

It really was a great experience and its always nice to give back to a place where I learnt so much!”

– Swati Prabhakaran

Here’s what one of the students had to say about his experience:

Personally for me today it was really good and we learnt a lot of things about origami, started off with a brief introduction of how origami originated its history and various people who were great at it from centuries ago, it was a good intro to start off with.
It was really good to make our own origami with papers and then we got to make it with the colored paper, it was one great day and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

This took me back to the childhood days where I used to spend most of my time for such craft work. It was funny when I forgot some steps but I still enjoyed making origami art work today!

– Aravind.A (Batch 19-20)

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