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Class on Portable Flash
Extremely popular with students over the years, Sudhanva Atri, was at LLA this year too, to take a session on portable flash. This time was no different. The students were simply hooked! Here’s what he had to say about his experience at LLA this time: “LLA is a home away from home for me and I am always looking forward to coming here. This year, the marked difference is the increased number of students we have – 60+… This is exciting, because as a student, one can get many more perspectives from one’s peers. More the perspectives, the more one’s mind opens up to possibilities in photography and life. Learning with peers who challenge you, support you and help you learn faster, is a whole new experience that these 60 are fortunate to have.” Our students too, enjoyed his classes and the interactions with him thoroughly. There was hardly any time that you would find Sudhanva alone, as even outside class he was constantly surrounded by eager students posing dozens of questions to him. Here’s what some of the students had to say about their experience: My experience with Sudhanva sir was that of exuberance and excitement. His mannerisms in the class commanded respect and his technical knowledge of the subject demanded an audience with the utmost devotion and passion for photography. My experience with Sudhanva Sir in these past 8-10days has been nothing short of enjoyable, knowledgeable and directional. – Pranav Mehta, Travel and Nature Photography, Batch 18 “Sudhanva Sir’s class was more than a class; it was an experience that I went through, in terms of photography and life. Mr.Sudhanva is the sort of teacher that we all NEED in our Lives.I learnt all the technicalities of flash but more importantly I’ve also learnt to be a better person, in general.”Thank you so much Mr.Sudhanva – Vishal, Photojournalism, Batch 18
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