Life at LLA

Studio session begins at LLA

The studio sessions that students were excitedly waiting for, began with faculty Garima Chaudhry. The enthusiasm, the excitement and the eagerness was palpable much before the sessions kicked off formally. The session started with the students learning about the various lights, light modifying accessories and grip equipment. And the many ways they can be used, at a conceptual level, to photograph both still life and portrait subjects, using various studio lighting techniques. There was a buzz around as the students scampered here and there to get their props and equipment ready, listened avidly as instructions were handed out and then get introduced to their studios, where they would, for the next few months, conceptualise, visualise and then bring to life their ideas through the pictures that they would capture. Very challenging, very absorbing. A real treat for budding photographers.

“Studio sessions were something we were all looking forward to. To learn something new is always exciting. But when we spent our first day in the studio, the experience was even more exciting and fun than we could imagine. Cannot wait for the coming studio days in LLA!”
– Abhijit Sunilkumar

“The first day of studio was very interesting. It was a bit different from what we have been doing these last 4 months and I was very excited to explore new things inside the studio.”
– Mayank Pradhan

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