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Wildlife Photography Class

This year’s Wildlife Photography session was conducted by Mr. Alphonse Roy, an internationally acclaimed wildlife cinematographer whose films have been featured on National Geographic, Discovery and BBC.

This session was an interactive one where Alphonse Roy shared many of his experiences of being out in the wild, leaving many students astonished. Here is Alphonse Roy sharing his experience about the class:

“It was a pleasure to be back with the students at LLA. As always it has been very invigorating for me to interact with youngsters and get exposed to their views, seeing their images etc. There were questions pouring from all corners of the class.

The films I shared can be seen on Youtube as well, but I don’t think that they would have had the same impact.They are all able to relate with the work better.

One thing is for sure they were a very attentive class.”
– Alphonse Roy

Here are some students sharing their experience of the session with Alphonse Roy and how awe-struck they were as they keenly listened to his tales of wildlife encounters:

“I was never interested in wildlife but coming to Ooty changed everything about it. Mr. Alphonse Roy’s class pushed my interest even further. I was fascinated by looking at his documentaries and never would have believed such close encounters he had with the big cats. His way of sharing his experiences is what attracted my attention as he had a very welcoming voice . One could listen to his jungle tales for hours and would be still longing for more. He definitely opened my interest in the wild life area of photography.”

-Rakshit Chopra

“Alphonse Sir not only taught about the aesthetics of wildlife and nature photography but the technical aspects and morals of this field. To learn from the man who directed and shot the National Geographic documentaries we grew up watching was more like an empowerment for me because wildlife and nature photography are two of my ultimate goals. His passion and love for nature and animals are second to none I’ve ever known. It inspired and motivated everyone who attended the session.

He also talked about the right way of traveling and documenting different cultures we comes across.

We also got to learn about moving with technological trends and it’s age as it flies by which would be an important survival skill for photographers.”
-Sai Sreerang

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