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Onam 2023 - Celebrations on Campus

From their collective efforts in crafting intricate Pookalams to embracing ethnic attire like sarees and veshtis, every moment was a celebration. But the real magic unfolded at the dining tables, where they indulged in a soul-satisfying Sadhya feast. Onam 2023 was a huge success, and we’re waiting for the next festival to come around.

Here’s what some students had  to say about their Onam experience:

It was my first experience with regard to Onam. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Loved it to bits. The hospitality of the faculty and staff was phenomenal. The Onam Sadhya was so good. I couldn’t stop myself from gobbling down the food. Had a lot of fun making rangolis as well. It couldn’t have been better! Kudos to Iqbal sir, Anu ma’am & Monica ma’am for making it happen.
– Manvi Modi

The Onam celebration played an important role in bringing everyone into the spirit of this vibrant festival by making Pookalams of different forms and patterns, playing the traditional music followed by the mouth-watering Onam Sadhya. I felt joyful to watch everyone dress up in vibrant colours just like the colours of different flower petals that make one whole Pookalam, it seemed like a full circle. Looking forward to more such celebrations on this wonderful journey we all are on.
– Jainee

I know Light and Life Academy as a place where they celebrate every culture. For the same reason, I had carried a Kerala saree for the first celebration of batch 23 on campus. The colourful flower carpets and yummy Sadhya made me feel at home even while staying away from home. I definitely had a happy onam with my batchmates from all over India.
– Aditya MK

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