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First Day at LLA (Batch 2019-20)

It was finally happening! LLA t-shirts and hoodies were laid out, the ID cards arranged alphabetically and the Welcome Home banner spread out on the reception wall. An air of excitement and anticipation surged throughout the campus. This was one of the many days in the year, here at Light & Life, that everyone eagerly looked forward to; the first day at LLA!

The yellow bus made its way down the hill and into the campus. The doors swung open and there, for the first time ever, the all new Batch 19-20 set foot in LLA!

54 aspiring Photographers from about 16 states and over 39 cities made their way to the reception. The broad smiles and the bustlingly positive energy brought in by the new students lit up LLA once again!

Registrations and Orientation for the students followed, headlined by their first official class photograph with Iqbal Mohamed.

Soon it was lunch time and the smell of delicious food wafted through the air to draw the students in. What greeted them from behind a row of a colourful, tasty spread was a line of Akkas smiling their hearts out in excitement for the new batch!

With smiles as big as the amount of food they ate, the students then made their way to the Daylight Studio for an Ice Breaking session. This was the first chance for them to get to know their fellow classmates a little better.

Here is what Vishnu, a part of the new batch, had to say about the experience:

“My first day at LLA was very exciting! I met a lot of my new classmates, got to know their stories and was left very inspired by them. By interacting with each other, I believe we can broaden our minds and challenge our perspectives so I’m looking forward to the year ahead”.

Here is Mansi and Tejaswini sharing their ‘first day at LLA’ experience.

“I was nervous about my first day at LLA because it felt like a different culture altogether. But the people here are very friendly and accommodating. Also, I’ve never had South Indian food before but the lunch was really good!”
– Mansi (Batch 19-20)

“I was really touched by the Welcome Home banner that greeted us at the reception. It felt great being away from home and yet feeling welcome. Especially the akkas who made this Rangoli for us felt very nice!”
– Tejaswini (Batch 19-20)

All in all, Batch 19-20’s first day at LLA was a blast! We look forward to everything that is in store for them and to all that this talented bunch have to offer over this coming year!

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