Life at LLA

My Favourite Spot

The LLA Campus sprawls over 4 and a half acres of land atop a hill, overlooking one of the largest valleys in the world. Every year we’ve found that the students absolutely love coming to the LLA Campus. From tea-time discussions to challenges on the football field, each student has a unique experience of Life at LLA, one that they cherish for eternity. We’ve realized that a part of this experience comes from a student’s Favorite spot on campus. Whether it is the cafeteria, a student hang-out spot or the Table Tennis Room, each student has one spot on campus that they love the most. As a fun exercise, we asked students from the current batch to identify what they think would be their favorite spot on campus. It’ll be interesting to see how their spot changes over the year!

“The Best view, all time of the day” – Priyanka Rozario

“I’ve always wanted to be among camera equipment and learn how to use them in photography. I’m lucky that Light & Life Academy gives me all this.” – Darshan bafna

“Stairway to Knowledge. Excitement begins here.” –– Ishan Agarwal

“In quite places… reason abounds.” so far I am addicted to this place. –– Vivek Tripathi

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