Life at LLA

LLA Campus turns into a Film Set

The Light & Life Academy campus became a film set for the movie Hi Nanna, starring Nani and Mrunal Thakur and it was a delight for everyone involved. 

The students of Batch 23 got a chance to experience a full-fledged film shoot up close for the first time. 

“I honestly did not expect such an experience within the first week of starting the course! I had been on a film set before, but never like this. I was standing just behind the director and could see every shot from start to finish. It was an eye-opening experience” – Asher

Witnessing a skilled large-scale production team meticulously execute their roles was a great learning experience.

“The level of planning involved in each shot was something I had to witness to understand. It was very interesting to watch the different team members – all working in unison towards one goal. It’s a different process compared to photography and it has given me a lot of inspiration.” – Aravind

What made this experience even more special were the actors. Despite their established status in the industry, they brought a level of humility that was truly heartwarming. A huge shout-out to the entire Hi Nanna team. Thank you for making Light & Life Academy a part of your creative journey!

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