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Food Specialization Sessions at LLA

“…and that’s a ‘Wrap’!”,

We’ve just wrapped up the Food Specialization for our current batch of students. As always, it was wonderful having Mihir Hardikar and Swati Desai with us again as they shared some valuable insights into everything related to food, photography and styling! Having some of the best in the industry share with our students their experience and knowledge is truly a pleasure and a privilege!

Like every year, teaching this batch of enthusiastic, ‘hungry’ students was fun! I learn a lot from them looking at several new aspects of this art that binds us all together, which is photography.

This year, we worked with a lot of local summer produce like carrots, beetroots and so on. It was fun conceptualizing these shots and presenting them in various lighting scenarios to the students. I hope that they’ve learnt a lot and, going forward, will try as many shots as possible based on what we’ve done over the past three days. Again, it’s great to be back in college and I wish the current batch of students all the best!
– Mihir Hardikar (Photographer)

It has always been a pleasure to be back at LLA. This time it was double the fun since my son Revant accompanied me and was received with open arms by Ma’am, Sir, Monica, Kavi and the entire staff. The students also mingled with him and now he goes back home thinking that this is an ideal college environment. Much love to all of you here.
– Swati Desai (Food Stylist)

Here are some students sharing with us their experience:

Today’s class was extremely informative. We learnt a lot about lighting food and styling as well. Apart from Mihir sir, even the food stylist was imparting information which will definitely be useful. Mihir sir also gave us a clear cut idea on how the market works with respect to food photography which was very helpful. Mihir sir lets the students participate in the shot. Not only does he involve us in setting up but he takes suggestions from us as well. It’s a very interactive learning session. He’s tried his level best to give us as much knowledge as possible in this short period of time. Even during free time he used to experiment with the lights so that we could observe and learn more.
– Rishitha Devi

“Everything from basic to what all are needed were told in the class to us.Then we went on and did the shots with different lighting setups it was easy to understand even though everything was going in a fast pace.Work Ethics and kinds of potential jobs were also told to us.An intro to food styling and stuff also helped us to understand how the relation between food stylist and photographer matters in making the perfect image”
– Tarun Varma

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