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Students of LLA making sure people ‘Vote 100%’
110 AC Sweep Strategy – Election Awareness Campaign The objective of the Election Commission of India was that “No voter should be left behind”. Here are some student’s comments on being part of the election awareness campaign, “I was never into politics. Everyone’s got an agenda and someone or the other’s always trying to promote their party. But it was good that we focused on getting people to vote rather than talk about who to vote for. In addition, being a part of this project got me thinking about politics and political matters that concern the citizens and so on. Another aspect of my experience was the journalistic approach we had to take in documenting the voice of the people. To be sensitive to the right kind of information and create content that stimulates thought. Being a part of Light and Life Academy is what gave me the opportunity to be a part of this project. Visiting the villages and interacting with the people is what I enjoyed the most!” – Tanjul Sarkar “We. learn every time we do something and this time was no different!I don’t know Tamil but was able to read off the people’s emotion and see that they displayed urgency in matters of the government and really believed in voting for a good one. Even at Providence College, the women were very aware of what the citizens needed and were willing to take a stand for it. All these qualities in any citizen may ultimately result in a better government!” – Divyank Sachdeva   Know More
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