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Automobile Photography Workshop

Batch 17 couldn’t contain their excitement in the days that lead to the automobile workshop conducted by Mr. Iqbal Mohamed. Twenty-nine students took part in the workshop that spanned over three days. A car, an off-roading vehicle and a bike were used for the demo sessions during the workshop.

The students learnt the nuances of lighting and the importance of ensuring that every detail is taken care of before taking the final picture.

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the workshop:

The automobile session by Iqbal Sir was no less than any other session done by sir. He has always been the best at making is students “understand”, “observe” and “learn” everything we need to know. And the best part of having Iqbal Sir is that once we are part of his class we never have to worry about forgetting what we’ve learnt. I’m sure it’ll last forever as he would in our lives. – Priyanka Rozario

Today’s automobile session opened our eyes in terms of what truly goes on when it comes to lighting up a vehicle. The challenge of dealing with multiple, angled, reflective surfaces was particularly enlightening! – Shawn Jacob

Lots to learn in one day. Sir took us step by step over major lighting processes. We could never have imagined that the output would be so mind blowing. One after another sir make us understand every aspect of lighting motor bikes and two wheelers. – Abhishek.C.R

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