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Drum Circle at LLA – When beating one’s own drum in sync with the others, was so much fun!

What do you get when you put 60 people (students & staff at LLA) in a circle and also arm them with plastic drums, paint buckets and bamboo sticks?

A Drum Circle of course!

Now add to this elements such as a bonfire, a full moon, heavy duty energy, group synergy, harmony, sound, rhythm, percussion and Divakar Subramaniam, a percussionist and founder of the School of Indian Film Music (SIFM) at Chennai and what results is sheer symphony. A hard to ‘beat’ combination!

What has a drum circle got to do with photography?

It’s a great way to explain to the students about the importance of aspects like team work, communication, concentration, observation, listening, coordination and timing and to help them express themselves without inhibitions and to work effectively with one other. It is also helpful in relieving anxiety & stress, in sensitizing the students to appreciate the diversity around us, in unifying people and in enhancing one’s morale.

Divakar aptly set the tone when he told the students, “We are not putting up a musical performance here. We are participating in a group activity and practicing together to play as one team”. This was evident, when at the end of the one hour long power-packed session on Sunday, 13th of October all you could see was thrilled, happy, flushed faces. The students just did not want it to stop.

“The drum circle was really awesome and it was a new experience. I realised that I couldn’t stop swaying to the beat of the drums… Moreover, at the practice sessions we enjoyed alot as we felt tremendous energy and focus”.
– Mohamed Imran, Batch 19

“This weekend we were introduced to the concept and practice of drum circle. From a motley cacophony we felt we were no less than a symphony. This was a wonderful experience second to none. Under the able guidance and love from Mr. Divakar the whole batch felt the rhythm, the connection and the music. The beautiful full moon and the bonfire made it look ethereal and spiritual”.
– Tejaswini Batch 19

The Academy ensures that even as studentsstudy to understand the art and science of photography thoroughly, they also participate wholeheartedly in activities like the drum circle which get them to connect with ‘Life’ better and round them up as better individuals.

Fact: Research has it that when you drum, you access your entire brain.

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