Life at LLA

Wax Crayon Printing Workshop

Students of Batch’ 18 working together on a creative endeavor with a good cause in mind.

“Idle hands are the devils playthings.” – Somebody who clearly knew LLA – Batch 18, must have said that.

Truly, a little mischief and a lot of fun are all that occupy our minds whenever we have any free time. To keep us out of such mischief and to make the most of the desire to be constructive, we wanted to do something really out-of-the-box.

It had to be something that was at the same time productive and useful, while also supporting a good cause.

Kaushik, a fellow student, came up with this brilliant idea of using wax crayons to imprint designs on cloth using a special technique. Kaushik, an expert in this technique, patiently taught us all about it and also managed to extract the best out of us newbies.

The result was some amazing prints.

Good deed, half done: This is just the first half of the story. As we told you already, this project will get transformed into a more meaningful and fulfilling activity when it enters phase II. Stay tuned!*

(*Details about the said social service project will be shared separately.)

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