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Pinhole Photography
To get a good grounding on any subject of interest, one must start from its inception. Hence, the students were teleported to the 1800’s with the classic pinhole photography session. Pinhole photography is one of the purest and oldest forms of photography. Without a lens, the students experienced a whole new side of photography that enabled them to truly explore their creativity like never before! Shriram B, from Batch 17 shares with us his personal experience while using the pinhole technique: It was a very different experience,something which is very new to the current digital world. Each lighting and effect of photography creates a unique attractive mood and I felt the same after trying out the pinhole effect. The effect used at appropriate location gives the right mood and I really enjoyed searching for Vintage locations where the pinhole will be effective and I was really satisfied with the output and I understood what all beautiful visuals you can create with this technique. Know more: PG Diploma In Professional Photography Course
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