Life at LLA

Travel Assignment

A compulsory area of study during the course, this is what one of the students described as her experience,

‘Travel Photography was both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. This was the first time that I travelled to a destination with the sole purpose of photography. I travelled to Jodhpur for my travel assignment. My research on the place definitely helped to plan my assignment better. Photographing a new place in 14degree heat and experiencing a new culture was challenging. Few things remain the same like people everywhere loved to be photographed. During Travel Photography- light is the key. One has to find a way to get a good frame in spite of clutter. I was particularly excited to meet many solo woman travelers. A camera definitely attracts attention from a lot of people. I ended up making quite a few acquaintances.

The search for the right light, a new perspective, or even an untold story maybe…. always remains. – Shalini Sivaprasad, Batch 16

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