Life at LLA

First Day

18 States, 37 Cities and 59 Students from all over the country. Every year the LLA family grows culturally richer and more diverse.

As the students went through registration, signing the Student Entry Register, getting their ID Cards and merchandise, there was a palpable sense of eagerness and anticipation in the air, the students could barely contain themselves, and their presence livened up the campus after almost weeks of slumbering quiet.

The students then attended the orientation, gaining an understanding of the holistic beliefs guiding the college, a brief overview of the history of the institution, and the guidelines needed to enable them to get the most out of their time at LLA.

As the students headed to the cafeteria for lunch they were greeted by the heavenly aromas of Paneer Pulao, Yoghurt Rice, Pumpkin Soup, and the mouth-wateringly delicious Gulab Jamun, made by our beloved Akka’s, especially to celebrate this new Batch.

Post-lunch the students then had an ice-breaking session, where they had to introduce themselves and talk about why they chose LLA, why they chose to go into photography as a career and what their journey to LLA looked like.

Truly a remarkable beginning to what promises to be an unforgettable year.

“The atmosphere is amazing, it’s lovely to meet new people and I’m excited to learn so much more.” – Garima Manocha

“I think this is the best college and I feel I am going to make this year an awesome year, with a lot of memories and will do a lot of hard-work to improve my skills and knowledge.” – Mayank Pradhan

“Very Excited. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store. I came here as a blank slate and am ready to learn.” – Pramukh Bajaj

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