Life at LLA

Dussera on campus

Vijayadasami/ Dussera was a spectacular day on campus. It started on a traditional note as the students and staff gathered in the Day Light Studio to begin the auspicious day with a puja as all the photography equipment were kept on display for the gods to bless.

The entire day was spent by students decorating the campus, seen in the kitchen at getting the sumptuous festival lunch ready and mostly practicing their moves for the dance face off that was to happen later during the day.

As the sun went down, the colours on campus came to life as all the students and staff dressed in their ethnic best. The evening celebrations started with the burning of a Ravana effigy, followed by exquisite dance performances by the students. The celebrations continued as the students and staff gathered together around a Bon fire to sing and dance. LLA’s Batch 17 music band, the “Tone Deaf” also performed a number of classics that are still hummed in the corridors, especially by our founders!

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