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Fine Art
Was done by Iqbal Sir, On campus The Fine Art class was taken by Iqbal Mohamed at the Light & Life Academy campus. The class focused on how Fine Art photography revolves around the artistic vision of the photographer and how their photographs should represent their vision and creativity. Here’s what two students had to say about the class: “Two main things that got stuck into my mind during the fine art session taken by sir: There are never any boring subjects and the only limit in the imagination. The understanding of how there should be universal appeal and the importance of personal vision could have not been thought better. Iqbal sir has spared no efforts in educating the class on fine art, through his simple yet well planned examples and techniques, up to the finishing of the image – its printing and presentation. -Kenny (Batch 15) After Months of mastering the art and science of photography, the specialization in fine arts by Iqbal sir was another level of creativity and freedom of expression something every creative soul yearns for this teaching methodology has always been about keeping compositions simple yet captivating, and we hope we can take that philosophy forward and craft magic with our captures. -Monika Adhlaka (Batch 15)
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