Life at LLA

All Work and no Play? Just not possible at LLA!!!
At LLA, we work real hard. We play just as hard when it is time to indulge in some Extra Curricular Activities Amidst the hectic schedules, classes, assignments, shoots, submissions and critique sessions we still found time for some interesting extra-curricular activities on campus last month. Among other things, we also had a mini sports day, with competitions in Table Tennis and Badminton. Game – Set – Match! With teams set, we started off with warm up sessions for badminton, where the teams sized up one another. The matches were especially entertaining for the spectators, who were treated to many hilarious moments of hits and misses. Once the teams were sufficiently warmed up, we got to see sporting action of high caliber on display from all the teams. Raw energy, enthusiasm and passion was on full display. Battles were hard fought and championship rankings were challenged. Meanwhile, a couple of levels below… a fiercely fought table tennis tournament heated up the temperature in an otherwise cool room. One had to see the levels of concentration and determination displayed by the players to believe it. The result was a nail-biting performance! A thorough engager all the way. Talented musicians in the current batch created a lively ambience and were able to drum up all the support required for the teams with their foot tapping numbers and energetic music! Thoroughly Entertaining, high-energy day! Tiring, but extremely satisfying.
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